Friday, September 7, 2012

Confessions & Letters!

Is anyone else SO sad that Leslie isn't doing Confessional Friday anymore??
It was my most favorite link up... I always had stuff to get off my mind. :(

So... what's a girl to do. Confess anyway!

So join me in confessing our hearts away, will you?

1. I'm SO thankful it's Friday! It's my turn to work Saturday, but it's only 4 short hours and it means I get to leave early today! :) yay me.

2. Every day this week has been rough. Every day this work week I should say. Yesterday was the worst one of all tho. Glad it's over! Anyone else have a stressful week?

3. This sweet boy graduates from USMC boot camp today.
I'm so proud of him! Handsome, isn't he?

3. The sales in the mall are killing me this season! I want one of everything! Why does my job have to be located in the mall?! seriously. torture.

4. Speaking of shopping, my exciting shopping trip this week was to Target. For Toilet Paper. When did I become old??

5. This is how excited Daisy and I were to watch football on Wednesday night...

.... and this was us after the first quarter...


6. I'm quite annoyed that my engagement ring is back, but not my wedding band. I mean, I'm thankful at least one is back to it's spot... but I really adore my wedding band and miss it :( They told me it would be back by tomorrow. I'm holdin' em' to it! 

7. I have had sparkle nail polish on my fingers for a few days. I look like a teenie-bopper. What possessed me to paint sparkles period... I have no idea. boredom? 

8. This sweet girl cuddled up with me Tuesday night after a rough day at work... I'm so thankful for a dog that knows when to just chillax. And a husband who knows when to just hold me and let me vent. or cry.

if you look closely you might see some left over sparkles.

9. My lunch yesterday consisted of pretzel bites and a fruit punch crystal lite in my water. Don't judge, I was having a bad day.

10. I am homesick like a kid at summer camp.

11. My SIL, BIL and sweet friend come in 12 days and I'm ecstatic! I need some family time!

and now I'm linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters...

Dear Husband: I am really thankful you listen to me vent, it's happened all to much this week. I'll try to be  a little better. Dear Daisy: I love you but if you drool on me one more time, I might wrap your mouth in towels! Dear work: I really hate you this week. The stress level you have caused is out of control. We need to fix this. Suggestions? Dear body: I'm going to need you to bounce back like you used to, we gotta work together...mmmkay?? Dear summer heat: we are over you, move on! Dear conference call: I'm not looking forward to you, so be ncie! Dear Daisy: Even tho your a drooling doll, you are still my little love bug and I adore you! Dear Husband: I love you!!!

Happy Friday!


  1. what a sweet puppy doll!

    new follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!

  2. I'm going to miss Confessional Fridays too, girl! But, at least we can try this new letters link up. Can we talk about the fact that now that fall is here, I feel like I need to shop all the time? What is with me? I don't know HOW you work in the mall. I would be blowing our budget daily. You're a better woman than me, that's for sure. Sorry to hear that you had a rough week:( Hope next week is better!

  3. Love the picture of Daisy after the first quarter. I felt the same way! Haha! I'm a new follower!