Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Link up for What I Love Wednesday!!!
P.S. How happy are we that today is WEDNESDAY?!?!?

Loving this trail mix! Let's be honest tho, we all love trail mix for the m&m's. :)

PB&J after a long and crazy day!
My comfort food!

My MIL's taquitos and my mom's tostadas.... and the fact that I can make them. HA!

Homemade peperoni pizza!!  
My view at the gym :)

Or just the gym in general.
(so I can eat the delicious food above) 
My world.

This picture. From our very first date. So long ago.

This hairstyle... although I want it a little bit longer. :)

This girl... who refuses to sit like a lady. It's all about comfort for her.
I adore her.
The fact that we got a letter from my baby brother (who is at boot camp for the Marines)... and Daisy chillin' as I read it out loud to her and Andy. :)

Love my little life!

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  1. Happy Wednesday! All that food looks yummy - and is making me SO hungry:) I know I comment on Daisy all the time, but it's just so funny to me how much she reminds me of my Ellie. Their facial expressions (and size) are so similar. Ellie sits just like that - super unladylike, haha! And, let me ask you this: Do people think Daisy is a boy a lot? I have a pink collar on Ellie, but people still think she is a boy sometimes. Is that just a big dog thing or something? So wierd!