Monday, August 6, 2012

Whatta Weekend!

First off.... Congrats to a beautiful couple!!!
My Uncle Jim married his better half Laura this weekend. I was SO sad I couldn't make it to Los Angeles for the wedding, but my mom was good at sending me tons of pictures.

Seriously, how adorable are they?!
We met Laura a few years ago after they started dating and we immediately told Uncle Jim to marry this girl! They came to our wedding last year and I told Laura I was going to throw the boquet right to her... well it worked! Uncle Jim proposed a few months after she caught those flowers ;)

Their cake table was AMAZING and look at her bling!
My mom is in the blue dress, then Uncle Jim, my MaMa is in the champagne color with my Uncle Doug next to her and my cute cousins (Uncle Jim's boys) in front.

Thanks mom for being so good with sending pictures! :)

On Saturday after I got home from work, Andy and I went to the furniture store and picked up a few things.
First off, I'm done spending money. Second off I'm done putting furniture together, so I'm REALLY done spending money because I don't want to put anything else together or carry it up the stairs!
Thanks to my honey for carrying the heavy part of the load and thanks to our friend Todd who helped put everything together!

SO... our guess room is pretty much finished (7 months after we moved in. Don't judge).
We had everything except for the black dresser. Which I love. I just need to organize the basket and the closet then we are done! :)
Our first visitors (in this apartment) will be my SIL, BIL and friend. They are coming for Andy's birthday in September and I'm so excited!

The black candle thing was part of our wedding decor. And Daisy matches the bedding so she just made herself comfy. ;)

This is my birthday gift.  :) I have wanted a new table for such a long time... I've had the same one for about 6 years or so, so it was time!

We have 6 comfy chairs and we can take the leaf out of the table if we want to make it smaller. I'm so excited for family dinners, dinners with friends, holiday dinners, and some day pulling a little high chair up to it. :)

That was it. Our weekend wasn't too exciting, but this one coming up should be.
happy birthday to moi!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you too, girl! What a great present:) Home decorating is so fun - but so expensive. I love buying new things, but hate the guilt it brings when I check the bank account afterwards, lol!:) The house is looking great!