Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three Weeks!

First of all.... it feels like it should be Friday! I woke up thinking it had to at least be Thursday, but no.... unfortunately it's only Wednesday. I guess tha's better than Monday or Tuesday tho, right?

On a positive note....

3 WEEKS FROM TODAY my sister in law, brother in law, and one of my good friends come to visit!!! All the way from Idaho and San Diego, California! I could not be more excited!!!

We've been here since February of 2011 and this is only our 2nd set of visitors!
(if you are reading this friends and family, that's a hint....) ;)
kidding. kind of.

My sweet friend Brittany...

and one of my favorite couples in the whole wide world (who just happens to be my BIL and SIL) are coming!!!!

And then 4 days after they get here... this sweet man turns 30!!!

It's going to be a blast!!!!

4 weeks sounds like it's so far away... 3 weeks starts the countdown for me :)
Although, let's be honest... I've been counting down since they booked their tickets!

Happy Wednesday!

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