Friday, August 17, 2012

Good Dog vs. Bad Dog!

First off.... 2 posts on FRIDAY! THAT's how excited I am that the weekend is finally here! :)

Andy and I have been told by lots of people that our dog is really well behaved... and how cute she is... and how she has manners... and we don't let it go to our head by any means, because we've worked our little fur-parents tooshes off to make her be well behaved. And I don't take credit for it... My good friend Brittany has the MOST WELL BEHAVED golden retriever named Marley and she was my inspiration!

Meet Marley....

She set a very high expectation for Daisy. :)

Anyways.... Here are some tips for raising a good, well-behaved polite puppy.

I read books, articles, and googled everything that had to do with potty training because it's seriously not as easy for some dogs as it is for others.

My advice for potty training your new puppy....

- take them out every 2 hours whether they have drank water, ate food or not.
- use the SAME door every time you go out. Otherwise she'll get confused on which door to go to.
- give them a reward when they do do their business outside. Daisy STILL (at 17 months and almost 90 pounds) runs up to sit on the very edge of the kitchen for her "bisquit". And if you say "bisquit", she runs to that mat and waits. Those are serious words around our house!
- if the pup potties in the house... don't rub their nose in it. It doesn't do anything, trust me. Instead... take her over and say "no girl!" and put her in time out (we used a kennel) ... and don't waste time with the carpet cleaners... rubbing alcohol takes anything out of the floor... TRUST ME! :)
- most of all, when the puppy pottys outside... throw a party!! cheer for her like your home town team is winning the biggest game of their life! They LOVE the cheering and will go again just to get that love from their momma or daddy!

My advice for command words or phrases....

Here are some words/phrases that Daisy knows:
Car, Daycare, Ride, Park, Bisquit, get on the bed, get off the bed, go to daddy, go to mommy, do you need water?, do you need food?, go to your kennel, where's your ball?, give me a hug... etc.

The list goes on and on. We talk to Daisy like she can understand us. We don't do baby talk, we don't do puppy talk, she's a humungous dog and she can understand just fine when we talk to her like we talk to each other. Don't get me wrong, there's times that I saw "who's my pretty girl??" in a high pitch voice... but not all the time. We don't yell at her unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary because they HATE that.... but sometimes, you need to get your point accross so save that for when you really need it.

Don't get upset when they tear your stuff apart... Daisy shredded our down comforter, the floor, her toys and a few other things... but it was her way of saying "get me some exercise before I go insane!" it's their cry for help... what is it that your dog needs? Why is she begging for something? We've learned that if we take Daisy to the dog park 1-2 times a week, Daycare 1-2 times a month and play ball almost every night.... she's an angel! The puppy stage will pass... don't give up on your dog because they will NEVER give up on you.

This is Daisy listening to her daddy when he was telling her why she shouldn't run around the house like a crazy dog. :) She laid down after that. She listens to him!

One of the BEST things we've ever taught Daisy was "Daisy, Kitchen".... this means Daisy, get out of the kitchen. That is the one place she is not allowed... and she knows it! I dont' know about you, but I prefer no dog hair in my food ;)

However.... we do allow her on our bed and on the couch. Everyone is different so this is all in what you prefer... but for us, she's our baby and we want to make sure she is rewarded for the good and disciplined for the bad. There are times that she can cuddle with us... but when we say "End of the bed" she knows to go down to her blanket.

So there you go.... a glimpse into our little princess! She's not perfect, but she's perfect for us and we adore her!! :)

Happy weekend to you and your puppy!

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