Thursday, August 2, 2012

First comes love, then comes marriage.....

Then comes a baby in a baby carriage right???


This is something I don't talk about very often.


You know, those little cuties that steal your heart with their snotty noses and big innocent eyes.

So many things cross my mind when it comes to kids.

Will I have a hard pregnancy?
Will I miscarry any of my babies?
What will our kids look like? Will they resemble Andy, or me? or maybe both?
When do you teach your children certain things?
What if my children turn out to be like kids that make me not want to have kids?
What will this world be like when I have kids?
Do I want our kids to grow up in this crazy insane world?

Do I want kids?

As my 28th birthday get closer and closer (10 days.... EEEEEKKKK!) I think about when we should start having kids. I know you are never really READY to have kids.. but I'd like to be prepared as possible.

I want to lose 50 pounds
 I want to have our credit cards paid off
I want to have a good chunk in savings
I want to be a little closer to home (although this we have no control)

For now, Daisy is our baby.
She's easy to teach right from wrong, she stands up for what she wants ...even if it is just her bone... She loves me no matter what, We can hide her from bad things that happen in this world.

I know that when the time comes... our baby will be loved more than anything.... and our baby will know that they can come to mommy or daddy for whatever... and if they are ever in a hard spot, just stop and say a little prayer... and our kids will know that Jesus loves them and so do we.

Thanks for letting me speak my mind.

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  1. Randi, thank you for the sweet and encouraging comment you left on my post earlier today. It meant the world to me! You will be a great mom when the right time comes. I think it's great that you acknowledge that you're not ready yet - it's definitely a huge decision to make, and you don't want to do it until you feel ready. My only bit of advice, learned through what I have gone through recently, is that: don't wait too, too long. You are still young, so that isn't a huge concern, but I will tell you that my husband and I never considered the possibility of pregnancy problems into our timeline. I'm only 26, so I know I have plenty of time, but losing a pregnancy really makes you stop and think about how you just never know what might happen!!! Thanks again:)