Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dumb Blonde....

So Sorry I've been M.I.A. the last few days... Wednesday was a "start day" for the college I work at and we've had an Audit the last few days... so it's been a little crazy around this place! and my brain.

Anyways.... on to the post. ;)

Ok... so let's be honest. Being blonde is rough.
It's not easy to keeping up with the roots every 6 weeks, or if your lucky 9. So... I have found the solution!
Actually I found the first solution years ago, I'm just now sharing.... but the 2nd solution I was told by my new hair lady (who I adore!)

It works wonders y'all! It takes the yellow right out of that meant to be platnium blonde locks! I LOVE IT!

This is the new look.... they changed their label.
I was scared that it went away the first time I didn't see the magical purple!

And this my dear readers.... is amazing.

It's a dry shampoo that also gives your hair a boost. And it does give it a boost! I can go every other day with this bad boy! I love it!

This is day 2. (sorry bout the close up)... but not very oily!

Happy Friday Eve y'all!

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