Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 29, 2011

I didn't have a better title for this post... quite frankly, I wasn't even sure I wanted to write about it... but here we are a year and one day later.... alive and well... and tumor free!

I went into the Emergency Room the beginning of August 2011 for what I thought was a simple migraine headache... it was the worst pain I had ever had in my life! I HATE going to the doctor and I really hate the Emergency Room... bad things happen there! However, I was desperate and really needed to be treated. The doctor came in, examined me and pushed real hard on my stomach/bikini line area. OWWWWW! Horrific pain went all the way down to my toes, back up to my head and back down again. What in the world was he pushing on my tummy when I was there for a headache?! He sent me for an MRI thinking it was some sort of bowel obstruction or something. Ummm ok, I could see how that could cause a migraine, but really? c'mon buddy. Well, I'm pretty happy he ordered that MRI!

I went in for my MRI, drugged and sleepy. We were back in the emergency room within an hour and the doctor came in with a worried look on his face. He told my husband and I that I had a teratoma tumor on my right ovary and that I would need surgery sooner than later to take it out. It would have to be biopsied and we would go from there.

Umm.... excuse me?! what did you say??

So, the next week I was in the OB office, because she would be the one doing the surgery. After a vaginal ultrasound and another scan, they said it was about the size of a softball. All I was thinking was, why me? Why now? 2 months after my husband had a total ACL replacement surgery and BARELY off crutches... what did I do to deserve this??

August 29, 2011 I went in for what was probably the scariest day of my life. I was a nervous wreck! I tried to do my hair, I couldn't. I tried to take a good shower because it was the last one I would take on my own for a few weeks... I barely could do that because I just started crying. I was hungry because I couldn't eat anything after midnight, I was trying not to snap at Andy because he was just there to help... but I did.
And then, he just held me... let me cry and told me everything was going to be ok.

And it was. It was all ok.

Waking up from surgery with my husband right by my side.
Best thing to wake up to.

The surgery was successful, they did NOT have to take my right ovary, which she had prepared me that they would most likely have to. I was up walking that night ... I made it about 20 feet leaning on my IV pole as a crutch my husband right by my side, my good friend on the other side, and the nurse behind me. I made it!

Now all that's left is a 6 inch scar on my binkini line and a tumor free lifestyle.
My husband was absolutely amazing through it all, my doctor was perfect, and the report saying the tumor was cancer-free was even better!!

2011 was a roller-coaster year for us, but I would not change a thing! We said our vows in February and in June and August learned what it really meant when we said "in sickness and health."

I am blessed beyond words to be married to Andy, and I'm pretty sure God put that tumor in me to show me that even tho we are tested, we still will rise above.

So... August 29th will always be a special day for me... it's the day I was reminded that you need to live life to it's fullest. Don't let the little petty things bother you. I may not be size 4 and have a perfect body, but I have life.... and that my friends, is all you really need.

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  1. So true!! Glad everything turned out okay. When it comes to it your life and health really is all that matters.