Monday, July 23, 2012


I can't believe it's Monday already! I only had 1/2 of a weekend since I had to work Saturday... but it's ok, we still had fun!

Andy came to work with me on Saturday, and then we went to see The Dark Knight Rises with some friends... has anyone seen that??  IT. WAS. GOOD!!

On Friday I was cleaning the house, and I decided it was time to get Andy's workout mixers some cute homes! :) Mainly it was my OCD that didn't want these giant containers on the counter. Lol. Why does everything have to have it's own home? I'm not sure. But that's me.

So here's the before and after.... :)

We are dog sitting our friends little dog named Sophie... They were both hanging out with Andy last night... either the really love him or just wanted his dinner.

I was a little worried to see how Daisy would do with a dog the size of her head... but so far so good :) I'm proud of her!

This morning. Just hanging out.

They are both lazy so it works out well! ha ha!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I hate those big plastic canisters that all the workout mixers come in - SO ugly. Your DIY jar is much cuter:) And love the pics of Daisy and her new little friend. Looks like she did pretty well!!!