Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend wrap-up!

Happy Monday!

Do you ever feel like there's not enough coffee in the world?? I'm having that kind of Monday. Not even Daisy wanted to get up and out of the bed... and there's always pep in her step!

Our weekend was a good one! We relaxed and had a date night, went to the dog park, cleaned the house, went to the gym and did laundry. I was folding our last load of laundry last night at 7:00... normally it's done by Sunday morning :/ I just wasn't "feelin it".

Date night is usually Friday night and we always end up at our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant :) We love going there because our waitor comes up to Andy and says (in Spanish) "same tacos sir??" I love that type of place. And the food is always AMAZING!

Daisy is so easy going, I love it! Just chilling with daddy.

After sitting there a while she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer :) sweet girl.

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!

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