Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Liebster Award!

I logged on to my email today to find that I got a blog award!!

My sweet blogging friend Jessica nominated me and I'm so excited to participate! Jessica has a special place in my heart for many many reason! She's one of the sweetest girls I've met (over the internet)
Simple things for simple girls! :)
I will also nominate some of my favorites so stay tuned to the end!

The Liebster Award  is for new bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute endearing and welcome. :)
I'm honered, thank you Jessica!

So... if you are new, welcome... if not... then you might or might not know the following about me... I'm pretty much an open book tho.

Here are the rules:  
1.   Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2.   Answer the questions the tagger has set for you. 
3.   Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
4.   Choose people and link them in your post.
5.   Go to their page and tell them.
6.   Remember, no tag backs!

11 Things about me.... Randi Rodriguez!

1. I am the ONLY person in my family who has blonde hair and blue eyes. And it ain't fake! (just a few highlights). Seriously. Everyone, even the married in ones are brunette with dark eyes (and tan skin at that!). 

2. I am an Army brat. I have 2 brothers who are Marines, a sister in law who was former Marine and I swore up and down that I would NEVER marry a Military man. Until I fell in love with Andy. Who happend to be my bff's brother.

I love my soldier and wouldn't have it any other way.

3. I have always wanted to have big plump lips like Angelina Jolie. I'm constantly searching for the perfect lip plumper.

4. It's very rare if my fingernails are not painted. I HATE my hands so I try to make them better by having perfectly manicured fingers. The reason I hate my hands: they are tiny.

5. My favorite type of food is Mexican, and if you noticed my last name is Rodriguez. Yep, I married into the right family! My MIL's cooking is AMAZING!

6. I've always wanted to live in the South, and now that I'm here... I don't love it. Maybe it's just Savannah. or maybe the side of town I'm on... but it's not all sweet tea and fried chicken ;)

7. I absolutely despise grocery shopping. My SIL/BFF and I always talk about how much we dislike it and hope some day we are like our momma's and learn to love it.

8. I had my first surgery when I was 27. I had a tumor next to my ovary that they had to remove. Now I have a nasty 5 inch scar on my bikini line.

9. I'm deathly afraid of spiders. They can be teeny-tiny or huge... hate em' all.

10. I never leave the house without at least eye-liner on and would LOVE to have eye liner tatooed so I don't have to put it on every. single. day.

11. Every day I wonder why in the world I was given such an amazing man as my husband. And every day I try to make sure I tell him how much I love him :) He really puts up with alot!

11 New Questions (from Jessica!)

1. What made you start blogging?
We were moving far far away and I wanted to make sure my family was up to date on all of our life adventures. :) It's my own personal electronic journal. Then I met sweet sweet people and I kept on' bloggin!
2.   What is your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?
I love going to the dog park with my hubby and pup... or the dog beach. Basically anywhere they allow dogs since we adore our sweet girl!
3.   Have you ever traveled out of the country? If so, where?
No, but I would LOVE to go on a cruise to the bahamas or Europe! It's on our bucket list!
4.   What is one beauty item you CAN'T live without?
Eye Liner! (I put that as #10 before I read this, promise!)
5.   If you had to choose, what's more important for an outfit - the shoes or the bag?
Ummm if you know me, it would be the BAG! And a Coach one at that!
6.   What is your biggest fear?
My husband dying before I do. Seriously, cannot live without that sweet fella'!
7.   What is your least favorite food?
Broccoli! Ewww. HATE. IT.
8.   What was your favorite childhood book? And your fave book now?
The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein. Still the fave. I have the collectors edition ;)
9.   Would you rather: a) skydive, b) tightrope walk or c) cliff jump?
Well I'm afraid of heights, so I'll take the one with the parachute please. :)
10.   What's your favorite weekly 'go-to' meal?
Ugh. Pizza. It's a nasty habit that we're trying to kick, but seriously... THEY cook it, THEY deliver it... there's no "I" about it!
11.   What is your favorite time of day and why?
About 7:00 pm. Dinner is done and eaten. Kitchen is cleaned and I'm ususally snuggled up in the bed with the hubby and Miss Daisy watching our DVR'd shows. :)
That was so much fun!!!
Now I tag the following ladies....
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Here are my 11 questions for YOU ladies!
1. What is your dream job?
2. What is your favorite make up?
3. What's your ideal vacation spot?
4. Would you rather have a cat or a dog as a pet?
5. How many states have you lived in?
6. What's your favorite drink? (non-alcohol or alcohol)
7. What's your de-sress method?
8. What made you start blogging? (stole this one, I'm curious too!)
9. What's the most random thing about you?
10. What is on your bucket list?
11. What's your favorite TV show?
Have Fun and Happy Blogging!


  1. So glad you participated - loved reading your facts about you! I also had no idea you were in Savannah. I'm in Macon, so I don't think I'm that far from you!!! We should do a blogger meet up one day!:)

    PS: If you're in the Richmond Hill area, I TOTALLY understand why you don't love living there. I had family there, and it can be a hard town to live in.

  2. I love the South! I've always wanted to visit Savannah!!!!