Monday, May 21, 2012


What a whirlwind it's been!
To make a long story short, my friend/coworker had her last day of work on the 11th so last week at work was NUTS... especially since we were only partial staff (3 of us) Tuesday-Friday. Not a fun way to have the week go, but it sure made Friday amazing when I got to leave early from all the overtime :)

This weekend Andy and I were able to relax and it was awesome! We slept in, took our time with the random stuff we had to do around the house, took a late night trip to the PX, and just got to spend some wonderful R&R time together! I love weekends like that.

Oh... and by the way.... ANDY PASSED HIS PT TEST!!!!!!!!!!
For those of you that don't know, soldiers have to take PT tests every 6 months... it consists of running, sit ups, and push ups... and you have to do it in a certain ammount of time. If you don't pass, it's bad news.
My amazing hubby hasn't taken one since January of 2011 because of his knee (he blew his ACL a while back)... so it was a huge thing in our house!
I'm so so so so so proud of him!!! He has been working his cute booty off and it's paid off!
Good job honey!!!

So... we celebrated .... :)
Rodriguez Style!

Look at our sweet girl... she really is a love!

Her favorite thing to do is cuddle in the morning.... she LOVES Saturdays and Sundays!!

Happy Monday from us!
It's Bachelorette Monday.... which is really Bachelorette Tuesday for us... :)

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  1. That margarita (Corona-rita?) looks yummy! Definitely watched the Bachelorette last night for the first time (love Emily), and was so confused. Why were there Muppets? It kinda wierded me out a little!