Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend.... a little late

As I'm sitting here dreaming of the weekend... I realize I haven't even posted LAST weekend's pictures! ugh, where is the time going??

So... Remember how I told you last week was just AWFUL?! Like... beyond awful. Well the weekend made up for it.

Saturday we loaded up in the car and drove 1 1/2 hours to Jekyll Island, Georgia.... it was fun and so pretty! We let Daisy play in the water a little bit and then had a picnic lunch and just relaxed. It was nice to not have a set schedule and just go with the flow.
This girl is definitely a water baby! She was in heaven!!! There were too many people to let her off her leash, so she just got to go as far as the leash would let her... but she didn't seem to mind. :)

When we got home we took a little nap and went out to a late night movie. It was fun!

So... part of why last weekend was awful was because my doctor basically told me to lose weight or die. ok ok, she didn't say it quite like that...but she did tell me I needed to lose a few lbs! So.... here I go! I needed that slap in the face to get me going :)

So here was one of my snacks...
Greek Yogurt, Carmel Rice Cake with Nutella, Carrots and Hummus

Todays Wednesday, I've lost 6 pounds since last Thursday.
Woo hoo.

My baby brother graduates this month.
This is him on the left as a wee one, and on the right.

He leaves in June for the Marine Corps.

He's a handsome one, eh'??

Happy Wednesday everyone!! 


  1. Daisy looks so cute playing in the water! Glad you guys got to relax over the weekend - you deserved it. I think, now that it's summer season, everyone is going to be trying to drop a few pounds, so don't feel like you're the only one. I tried on a bathing suit at VS this weekend and did not like what I saw. I'm giving myself a month before I go in and try it on again, in the intention of buying it this time (for our beach trip in July!) We can do it Randi!

  2. I'm so glad you had a nice weekend. You deserved it after your rough week.