Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Link up and Weekend re-cap!

How was everyone's weekend?
Ours was GREAT! We went to dinner, saw Men in Black 3 (which is VERY good and a must see), took Daisy to the dog park and to get her nails done, Andy and I got a pedicure, I got my roots touched up and a new cut, Andy got his hair cut, we rented some movies, we slept in late, took naps, ate some ice cream, and just had a wonderful time as our little family of 3 :)

I'm back to the grind today.... but the good news is I only work 3 days this week... then Friday is "Mandatory Family Fun Day" with Andy's platoon. Gotta love the Army ;) Pictures to come, of course.

I'm linking up with MEGAN  today for a little blog fun!

 Sometimes: I think that I talk about our little dog too much....
Always: I remind myself this is our blog and if you don't want to hear about our only child, keep scrolling.... :)

She's a dedicated watch dog. :)

Sometimes: I forget that Daisy has the potential to be HUGE....
Always: I see her stand up and remember that she's part horse Great Dane  

Sometimes: I feel the need to bake...
Always: I end up having WAY too much, and Andy is the only one who would eat it. oops!

Sometimes: We talk to Daisy like she is human... especially when she is being disciplined.
Always: She pays attention like in the picture below, and really tries to comprehend what we are saying.

.... and then passes out.

Sometimes: I really HATE that I am missing the important times in our families lives...
Always: I remind myself I'm right where I need to be.... and an thankful for the times we do get with our family.

My baby brother graduated high school!!!

Sometimes: I miss this little booger....
Always: I'm VERY thankful for Face Time!

Sometimes: I wonder if I will ever be an amazing wife and mom like my mom is...
Always: I am thankful I have her example to live by.

Seriously, cutest parents EVER!

Sometimes: I don't like Daisy to be on the pillows or sheets.
Always: She wiggles her little way up there and is so cute about it!

Sometimes: I just don't feel like doing my hair in this hot humid weather!
Always: Andy makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the world.... another reason I'm absolutely in love with that man!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!


  1. Randi, I found you through the link up today! Your newest follower! Your blog is so cute! I do the same thing with baking goods, but then I eat it all! AHHH!!! I was feeling the need today, but fought it off =) Check out my sometimes & always post.

  2. Mandatory Family Fun Day sounds awesome!! Can't wait to hear about it. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Hope your week is just as great!

  3. Haha! You and your husband remind me of me and my husband with the talking to the dog like she's human thing...We've done it so much, I really believe our dog Ellie thinks she is our little human baby. I don't know what she'll do when we actually have a real baby!:)