Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A hair affair...

I'm getting my hair done on Saturday, and it's time!
My hair has been growing fast, but it still feels like I have forever to go until it's my desired length. Thankfully my hair lady could get me in on Saturday so we are going to do some all over highlights and a good trim! I need a good trim. Maybe then it will grow faster?

The grown out look.....

How G Rancic can pull this off, I'll never know. When my roots grow out, it just looks like a girl who can't keep up with her own hair! Jealous!

Every time I'm just about due for a good hair date, my hair goes yellow! I don't know why it does this... but boy it irks me!

Below are a few colors that I love!

Blonde hair blue eyed --- it just goes together like peanut butter and jelly! ;)

Jessica Simpson just always has beautiful locks!

Such a summer look!!

So do I use 2 different colors? or do I just show my hair lady the picture and let her go at it?


1 comment:

  1. Just show your stylist the picture - she should be able to mix up some color close to what you show her. I love that curly J. Simpson bob. Too cute! And, love G. Rancic too, but she definitely has her hair done to look like that - no one's roots grow out perfectly like that, haha! It's a new trend where lighter color is painted onto the bottom portion of the hair to make it look like there's darker roots. Not sure where the idea came from. Also, to make my grow faster (while still being healthy), I started taking Biotin daily. It's a B vitamin you can get at the grocery store - they should even have it on post - and it really works. Makes it thicker too, which I love!:)