Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Link up and Weekend re-cap!

How was everyone's weekend?
Ours was GREAT! We went to dinner, saw Men in Black 3 (which is VERY good and a must see), took Daisy to the dog park and to get her nails done, Andy and I got a pedicure, I got my roots touched up and a new cut, Andy got his hair cut, we rented some movies, we slept in late, took naps, ate some ice cream, and just had a wonderful time as our little family of 3 :)

I'm back to the grind today.... but the good news is I only work 3 days this week... then Friday is "Mandatory Family Fun Day" with Andy's platoon. Gotta love the Army ;) Pictures to come, of course.

I'm linking up with MEGAN  today for a little blog fun!

 Sometimes: I think that I talk about our little dog too much....
Always: I remind myself this is our blog and if you don't want to hear about our only child, keep scrolling.... :)

She's a dedicated watch dog. :)

Sometimes: I forget that Daisy has the potential to be HUGE....
Always: I see her stand up and remember that she's part horse Great Dane  

Sometimes: I feel the need to bake...
Always: I end up having WAY too much, and Andy is the only one who would eat it. oops!

Sometimes: We talk to Daisy like she is human... especially when she is being disciplined.
Always: She pays attention like in the picture below, and really tries to comprehend what we are saying.

.... and then passes out.

Sometimes: I really HATE that I am missing the important times in our families lives...
Always: I remind myself I'm right where I need to be.... and an thankful for the times we do get with our family.

My baby brother graduated high school!!!

Sometimes: I miss this little booger....
Always: I'm VERY thankful for Face Time!

Sometimes: I wonder if I will ever be an amazing wife and mom like my mom is...
Always: I am thankful I have her example to live by.

Seriously, cutest parents EVER!

Sometimes: I don't like Daisy to be on the pillows or sheets.
Always: She wiggles her little way up there and is so cute about it!

Sometimes: I just don't feel like doing my hair in this hot humid weather!
Always: Andy makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the world.... another reason I'm absolutely in love with that man!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day...

Memorial day is looked at as another "3 day weekend" or "the day that kicks of summer"... which it is... but most importantly it's dedicated to those that have served our country, have died for our country, and continue to serve our country.

America is the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.

So today.... remember those who have served, 

those who are currently serving....

and those who will serve. 

My brother and sister in law... 
United States Marines

My brother missed the first 6 months of his son's life to serve our country.

My husband.
United States Army.

My little brother (who is a Marine) my dad who is retired Army, my uncles, cousins and many more who spend their life serving for us.

I am so proud of those who are willing to lay their lives down for us.

Thank a soldier today, and every day.


Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Confessional Friday!

It's time to confess ladies... so link up!

1. I am about to jump out of my chair for joy that I  have a THREE day weekend... and I only WORK three days next week. Monday I'm off for Memorial day, and Friday I'm off for Andy's "mandatory family fun day" with his platoon. So excited.

2. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, couldn't be more excited. My roots are making theirselves known!

3. I've had a glass of wine the last 3 nights. I have an alcoholic drink MAYBE once a month if that, but it's just been that kind of week.

4. My hubby is off today, and I'm super jealous. :(

5. I was even jealous of Daisy who was in my spot in the bed right next to her daddy snoring away.

6. My baby brother graduates today. From high school. And I'm not there.
It sucks.

7. I could drink about 6 more cups of coffee and still not feel awake today :/

8. I had my phone interview yesterday, now cross your fingers for me ..... please.

9. I might just sleep all weekend.

Happy weekend folks!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A hair affair...

I'm getting my hair done on Saturday, and it's time!
My hair has been growing fast, but it still feels like I have forever to go until it's my desired length. Thankfully my hair lady could get me in on Saturday so we are going to do some all over highlights and a good trim! I need a good trim. Maybe then it will grow faster?

The grown out look.....

How G Rancic can pull this off, I'll never know. When my roots grow out, it just looks like a girl who can't keep up with her own hair! Jealous!

Every time I'm just about due for a good hair date, my hair goes yellow! I don't know why it does this... but boy it irks me!

Below are a few colors that I love!

Blonde hair blue eyed --- it just goes together like peanut butter and jelly! ;)

Jessica Simpson just always has beautiful locks!

Such a summer look!!

So do I use 2 different colors? or do I just show my hair lady the picture and let her go at it?


Monday, May 21, 2012


What a whirlwind it's been!
To make a long story short, my friend/coworker had her last day of work on the 11th so last week at work was NUTS... especially since we were only partial staff (3 of us) Tuesday-Friday. Not a fun way to have the week go, but it sure made Friday amazing when I got to leave early from all the overtime :)

This weekend Andy and I were able to relax and it was awesome! We slept in, took our time with the random stuff we had to do around the house, took a late night trip to the PX, and just got to spend some wonderful R&R time together! I love weekends like that.

Oh... and by the way.... ANDY PASSED HIS PT TEST!!!!!!!!!!
For those of you that don't know, soldiers have to take PT tests every 6 months... it consists of running, sit ups, and push ups... and you have to do it in a certain ammount of time. If you don't pass, it's bad news.
My amazing hubby hasn't taken one since January of 2011 because of his knee (he blew his ACL a while back)... so it was a huge thing in our house!
I'm so so so so so proud of him!!! He has been working his cute booty off and it's paid off!
Good job honey!!!

So... we celebrated .... :)
Rodriguez Style!

Look at our sweet girl... she really is a love!

Her favorite thing to do is cuddle in the morning.... she LOVES Saturdays and Sundays!!

Happy Monday from us!
It's Bachelorette Monday.... which is really Bachelorette Tuesday for us... :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

To My Mom

In honor of Mother's day... here's some little tid bits of advice that my mom gave me that I'll always remember.

"Always wear your sunscreen, you don't want skin cancer or wrinkles"

"Always write thank you notes"

"If you are ever stressed out, pray about it"

"Enjoy your time as husband and wife, you spend the rest of your life raising kids"

"Greet everyone with a smile, you don't know where they come from"

"Make sure whoever you marry has a good relationship with his momma, that's how he'll treat you some day"
(she was right on that one)

"Don't step foot into a tanning bed"

"Make sure you wash your face at night, you don't want pimples"

"Always hang dry your bras. They last longer"

"A speeding ticket is not always a bad thing, I get them too"

"Don't waste time on negative people, they just bring you down and they don't smile enough"

"A good coupon will take you a long way"


I smile like my mom.
I bite my lip when I'm dissapointed like my mom.
I have a calm spirit but am pasionate about things like my mom.
I get quiet when I'm mad like my mom.
I use coupons like my mom.
I always wash my face at night and moisturize like my mom.
I'm emotional like my mom.

I find myself saying "oh my gosh, I'm my mother"... and I'm perfectly ok with that. :)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
I am blessed to be like you.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Carlos!

Tuesday was our friend Carlos's birthday... so we went over for dinner, cake and ice cream!
It was fun!! We sure do love these 3!

Of course, I had the camera out! People make fun of me, but thank me later! ha!

When we were leaving, CJ said "thanks for coming to our house!" it was so cute!! I love this little ham!

My friend!
Melody's last day at work is tomorrow :( I'm so sad!! It's bitter sweet.... I'm excited for their new adventure ahead, but boy I'm going to miss them!! Frequent visits are in our future!

Happy Friday Eve my friends!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sometimes & Always!

I've been a bad bad blogger this past week..... but I've had strep throat and breathing issues... I'm fine now, well almost fine... but oh boy that was a rough 5 days my friends! I stayed home from work last Thursday and only came in for a few hours on Friday and was in bed the rest of the time. It was awful! But... my amazing hunk of a husband took amazing care of me! Thanks babe! ;)

I'm linking up with Megan today!

Sometimes: I think that Daisy just couldn't drive us anymore crazier than she already has!
Always: She comes home and does this, and we love her even more than we already do!

Sometimes: I think we shouldn't allow our princess on the couch....
Always: She curls up next to us and sleeps like a little angel!

Sometimes: I don't think my sister can grow up any faster
Always: she proves me wrong every time.

Sometimes: I really miss out on things that are going on back home... like my baby sister's first prom
Always: I remember I'm exactly where I need to be, supporting my soldier!

Sometimes: I HATE being sick
Always: I'm thankful for the healthcare and pharmacy right on post and that it's all free to soldiers and their families! (this would have been a good hundred dollars I'm sure!)

Sometimes: Eating healthy sucks.
Always: I enjoy stepping on the scale and losing 11 pounds!!
(baked chicken w/yellow squash)

Sometimes: I am a pain to take care of
Always: Andy makes me feel like I'm the most important person in his world.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend.... a little late

As I'm sitting here dreaming of the weekend... I realize I haven't even posted LAST weekend's pictures! ugh, where is the time going??

So... Remember how I told you last week was just AWFUL?! Like... beyond awful. Well the weekend made up for it.

Saturday we loaded up in the car and drove 1 1/2 hours to Jekyll Island, Georgia.... it was fun and so pretty! We let Daisy play in the water a little bit and then had a picnic lunch and just relaxed. It was nice to not have a set schedule and just go with the flow.
This girl is definitely a water baby! She was in heaven!!! There were too many people to let her off her leash, so she just got to go as far as the leash would let her... but she didn't seem to mind. :)

When we got home we took a little nap and went out to a late night movie. It was fun!

So... part of why last weekend was awful was because my doctor basically told me to lose weight or die. ok ok, she didn't say it quite like that...but she did tell me I needed to lose a few lbs! So.... here I go! I needed that slap in the face to get me going :)

So here was one of my snacks...
Greek Yogurt, Carmel Rice Cake with Nutella, Carrots and Hummus

Todays Wednesday, I've lost 6 pounds since last Thursday.
Woo hoo.

My baby brother graduates this month.
This is him on the left as a wee one, and on the right.

He leaves in June for the Marine Corps.

He's a handsome one, eh'??

Happy Wednesday everyone!!