Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Sweet Husband!

Tomorrow, Andy and I will have been married 1 year and 2 months! Where in the world does time go?! It seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 2 month anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun! ;)

So... I thought I'd brag on him a little bit :)

With this new job, Andy has been such a huge help around the house... and emotionally! He's so patient with me... When I come home from a long day he's right there waiting to just be there... and when I'm tired, he picks up the slack.

He's done the laundry, the house chores, the grocery shopping, cooks dinner, takes care of Daisy... all on minimal sleep! I don't know how he does it... he's up super early for PT and still finds the patience to do everything and deal with me and the dog! :) 

... and he understands my hints ;)

To My Love,
Thank you for being you! You are always know what to say when I need you! 
I appreciate you even tho sometimes I don't always show it.
You are the best husband ever and I love you more than words can say!
Love, Your Sweetheart 
On another note... my jewler just called... my wedding band is ready to be picked up!!! :)
It was missing a diamond so it went to be fixed a few weeks ago and I've missed it!

Happy Hump day!


  1. Your post about your sweet husband reminds me to be thankful for mine! We got some keepers - men that are willing and able to share the work around the house (without being asked)are hard to find. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Y'all are so cute! Before you know it you will be at 5 or 10 years! Will and I have our 2 year next week....I can't believe it!

  3. Time really does fly by SO fast!! Our 4 year anniversary is in 2 weeks! Crazy!
    You two are SO CUTE!

  4. Before you know it you will wake up & have been married 13 years like me! Andy sounds like a definite keeper but if I'm guessing your not giving yourself enough credit either :)

    Have a wonderful day friend!