Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little update...

Hi my people!

Well... it's official.... I. LOVE. MY. JOB.

I love the ladies I work with, I love the students I come in contact with, and there's so much more that I love... but I mainly just love it all! :) That's alot of love in that sentence!

Anyways... I'm sorry I've been absent... but I just wanted to update you on a few things...

First off... our friends are leaving. :(
Remember this sweet boy....
and this sweet couple...

They are moving to Minnesota :(
Carlos got out of the Army and he was offered a position in Minnesota, so they are moving... We are SUPER excited for them, but sad for us :(
They will be missed!!

This girl has been crying the last 2 nights when we put her to bed.... WHY?!
It's so frustrating! but oh well. we just continue to ignore her... but if she does it again tonight she might find herself in the garage! (not really...  I'm all talk)

I finally learned how to curl my hair (wavy really) with my flat iron! My hair stylist back home tried to teach me a few times, and finally I just caught on yesterday! ha!

This weekend is going to be another busy one! We are watching CJ (the adorable boy up above), on Saturday, then going to the drive in Saturday night, then hanging out with my friends/coworkers Sunday after noon...

Everyone have a GREAT Friday eve! :)


  1. It's so hard to say goodbye to people you are close too :(
    Your hair looks so adorable. LOVE IT like that!
    Sounds like you have an awesome weekend ahead. Enjoy friend :)

  2. I want to learn that hair-do. What's the trick? Every time I try it with my flat iron, I end up with weird looking crimps in my hair? Help!

  3. See, now that is why I wish my hair was short! I can't do the flat iron thing, because my hair is too heavy! I'm sorry about your pup! I read in your most recent post that she has stopped, so I hope she continues to sleep peacefully for you! You know I feel for ya after my situation!