Friday, April 27, 2012

Confessionaly Friday...

It's time for Confessional Friday on Leslie's blog so link up because it's quite fun!!

1. I have been insanely distant from the blog this week... y'all, it's been a rough week. I'm going to just put it at that. I cried my eyes out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, 3 days in a row of uncontrollable sobbing. A different thing each day, but it's been a very trying week.... to say the least.

2. On that note, I'm pretty sure I'm married to the most amazing man in the world, and my coworkers/friends are the most amazing people around right now because they are so supportive and willing to let me just cry or let me go for appointments.... they are awesome.
Shout out to Andy, Melody, Vilma and Nichole!

3. I miss blogging. I have absolutely no time lately it feels like and I miss it. So today, I plan on reading and commenting and blogging (one down, two more to go.)

4. I love this girl. She just comforts me and doesn't even know it.

5. Sometimes I completely forget that I live ON an Army post... until I see this driving in front of me. I feel very American when I see it for some reason. :) I love America.

6. We are doing NOTHING tonight and I'm SO excited about it!!! Like I said earlier, WHAT A WEEK so we are laying low tonight and I'm going to attempt to catch up on some DVR shows :)

7. Tomorrow we are having a beach day!!! We are going to take Daisy to the beach and just relax and have a great time! I'm so excited!!!

8. I got this idea from Leslie and I LOVE IT! So I sent it to Andy yesterday :)
(not the best picture of me, but whatev's)

9. TGIF. Nuff said.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!



  1. So sorry you had a rough week, friend! Wish I could give you a hug!!

  2. My week has been horrid. I'm hoping for a MUCH better weekend. Dear friend, relax and try to enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. Oh Randi, I'm sorry you had a rough week last week. I know how you feel. Some weeks are just rough, rough, rough. Hopefully you were able to rest up and press the re-set button this weekend! Glad to have you back friend - have missed your blog posts!