Friday, April 20, 2012

Confessional FRIDAY!

It's FRIDAY!!!! Link up with Leslie to confess your little heart out!
Here we go...

1.} I fell down the stairs a little while back... I hurt the you know what out of my ankle but didn't have the time or the patience to go get checked out so I continued on my merry little way.... well a few days ago I stepped on it wrong and got a shooting sensation up my leg and it swelled up like I was 9 months pregnant! OWWWW. So yesterday, after the throbbing/burning sensation I got I went in. I'm glad I did.... apparently I tore 2 ligaments and sprained my ankle. Oops! So now I'm wrapped up in an air cast for a few weeks. I follow up with my primary doctor on Thursday, so let's hope she says it's healing nicely and that I DON'T need to see an orthopedic doc.

2.} It's been a super long week. I dont' know why, but I feel like it took forever to get to Friday.

3.} I'm dropping Daisy off at doggie daycare tomorrow at 9 and am picking her up Sunday at 3... why? Becuase momma needs a break. I love her dearly, we all know she's our little princess... but oh my... she's needier than a HUMAN BABY!

4.} I was hoping to do something fun this weekend... since Daisy will be at daycare, but it might just be a propped up on the pillow kind of weekend. boo.

5.} This sweet boy puts a smile on my face every time his momma sends me pictures. Gosh, he's just adorable!!! Shaggy hair and all! I heart the hippy look.

6.} These 4 sweet girls make my day everytime they comment... I'm giving a shout out to them because I have many followers... or at least my family tells me they follow me... but these girls COMMENT TO ME!!

Thanks pretty ladies!! You make my day!!

7.} This might just make my ankle better.... jus' sayin.

8.} My biggest pet-peeve is when parents don't take care of their children. When they are out in public. Or anywhere. You set the example people, it's all YOU!

9.} I wouldn't mind having dinner in bed tonight. While catching up on all my dvr'd shows... wouldn't mind one bit!

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will... me and my pain killers ;)


  1. OUCH! I know that had to hurt :( Your blog is too cute and your family is beautiful. I'm your newest follower.

  2. You poor thing!! I hope that you get better soon! Is that part of the reason that Daisy is going to doggy daycare? Thanks for the shout out boo. I LOVE reading your blog, so I am happy to comment!

  3. Found your blog and wanted to say hi. Glad you got your ankle looked at because it sure looked like it was painful!

  4. I am finally catching up on blog postings and just read your Friday confessions. Thanks for the shout-out, you are too sweet! And, what in the world girlfriend - you did some serious damage to that ankle! Hope you got some quality R&R this weekend to help it heal right up:) Sometimes, the best nights are the ones spent at home doing nothing but relaxing!