Friday, April 13, 2012

Confessional Friday!

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! That means it's time to link up at Blonde Ambition and get your confessions out!

1.) I have some HUGE plans for tonight... get dinner, go home, catch up on the DVR'd shows and PASS OUT! I had possible plans, but no, I'm going to have a mandatory relaxing night. I'm tuckered out.

2.) I love my dog again. I mean, I never stopped loving her... but since she didn't cry herself to sleep last night, I love her that much more! :)

3.) I look forward to the weekend because I love taking Daisy to the dog park. I love being "frequent flyers" there because I get to see all my dog park buddies, and Daisy does too.

4.) My little brother graduates in May from highschool and leaves for Recruitment Training for the Marine Corps June 11th and I won't get to be there for any of it. :( With this new position I just can't take time off, and let's face it... flying accross our great country is no cheap fare.

5.) My husband had the house cleaned and laundry going last night when I got home. Another reason I fall in love with him over and over again.

6.) We have a busy weekend ahead, and I'm super excited for it! (that's more random than confessional....)

7.) I want long hair. I'm growing mine out, but I just wish it would grow faster and that I could snap my fingers and it would be down to my back....

8.) I'm frustrated with my capri's not fitting how I wanted them to...

9.) but I can only blame myself.

Happy Friday everyone! and have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Love that your husband cleaned house for you - that's one of the greatest gifts they can give! Have you tried Biotin for your hair? You can get it in the vitamin area of the grocery store and it really helps make your hair grow faster and thicker. I take 500mcg one a day, but you can get it in amounts up to 1000mg I think. Maybe that would work for you!

  2. Happy Friday Friend!!! If you gotta a busy weekend planned then you probably need the extra rest this evening. Hope your weekend is fabulous :)