Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday, BBQ and bunch o' random!

Lately... I have had NO TIME to blog! I barely have time to read all y'all's blogs... I do, but I am limited on my time...  Our lives are C-R-A-Z-Y! But I wanted to share some pictures... so here we go!

Miss Daisy turned 1 on Saturday, so we celebrated!

she LOVED her cake!!!
A close up of her piece of heaven! :)

On Sunday we laid low and bbq'd... holidays just don't feel like holidays sometime... maybe it's because we are away from family? who knows... but we had a quiet little Easter which we needed!

Of course we took a few trips to the dog park ... :)

And face timed with Andy's family... here are all 4 of the kids.

This was this morning, I was blow drying my hair and Daisy put her paw up and wanted to hold my hand.... we sat and held hands for about 5 minutes. I think she just needed some mommy time.
P.S. see how big her paws are?!

Love that boy.

This was our 3 day weekend... just hanging out!


  1. PERFECT weekend! Definitely a bummer to be away from family but relaxing down time is SO crucial!

  2. I love that doggie cake- seriously adorable!!!

  3. I didn't do much for Easter either, but it looks like you had a FULL weekend! Your puppy holding your hand is priceless...I've been cuddling with Weiser because he has been sick. They really are like children!

  4. Girl, that cake was precious! Much cuter (and probably yummier) than any that you could have bought:) Love little Daisy and the paw holding pic - she reminds me of my own 'little girl', Ellie, so much! Too sweet!