Friday, April 27, 2012

Confessionaly Friday...

It's time for Confessional Friday on Leslie's blog so link up because it's quite fun!!

1. I have been insanely distant from the blog this week... y'all, it's been a rough week. I'm going to just put it at that. I cried my eyes out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, 3 days in a row of uncontrollable sobbing. A different thing each day, but it's been a very trying week.... to say the least.

2. On that note, I'm pretty sure I'm married to the most amazing man in the world, and my coworkers/friends are the most amazing people around right now because they are so supportive and willing to let me just cry or let me go for appointments.... they are awesome.
Shout out to Andy, Melody, Vilma and Nichole!

3. I miss blogging. I have absolutely no time lately it feels like and I miss it. So today, I plan on reading and commenting and blogging (one down, two more to go.)

4. I love this girl. She just comforts me and doesn't even know it.

5. Sometimes I completely forget that I live ON an Army post... until I see this driving in front of me. I feel very American when I see it for some reason. :) I love America.

6. We are doing NOTHING tonight and I'm SO excited about it!!! Like I said earlier, WHAT A WEEK so we are laying low tonight and I'm going to attempt to catch up on some DVR shows :)

7. Tomorrow we are having a beach day!!! We are going to take Daisy to the beach and just relax and have a great time! I'm so excited!!!

8. I got this idea from Leslie and I LOVE IT! So I sent it to Andy yesterday :)
(not the best picture of me, but whatev's)

9. TGIF. Nuff said.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Confessional FRIDAY!

It's FRIDAY!!!! Link up with Leslie to confess your little heart out!
Here we go...

1.} I fell down the stairs a little while back... I hurt the you know what out of my ankle but didn't have the time or the patience to go get checked out so I continued on my merry little way.... well a few days ago I stepped on it wrong and got a shooting sensation up my leg and it swelled up like I was 9 months pregnant! OWWWW. So yesterday, after the throbbing/burning sensation I got I went in. I'm glad I did.... apparently I tore 2 ligaments and sprained my ankle. Oops! So now I'm wrapped up in an air cast for a few weeks. I follow up with my primary doctor on Thursday, so let's hope she says it's healing nicely and that I DON'T need to see an orthopedic doc.

2.} It's been a super long week. I dont' know why, but I feel like it took forever to get to Friday.

3.} I'm dropping Daisy off at doggie daycare tomorrow at 9 and am picking her up Sunday at 3... why? Becuase momma needs a break. I love her dearly, we all know she's our little princess... but oh my... she's needier than a HUMAN BABY!

4.} I was hoping to do something fun this weekend... since Daisy will be at daycare, but it might just be a propped up on the pillow kind of weekend. boo.

5.} This sweet boy puts a smile on my face every time his momma sends me pictures. Gosh, he's just adorable!!! Shaggy hair and all! I heart the hippy look.

6.} These 4 sweet girls make my day everytime they comment... I'm giving a shout out to them because I have many followers... or at least my family tells me they follow me... but these girls COMMENT TO ME!!

Thanks pretty ladies!! You make my day!!

7.} This might just make my ankle better.... jus' sayin.

8.} My biggest pet-peeve is when parents don't take care of their children. When they are out in public. Or anywhere. You set the example people, it's all YOU!

9.} I wouldn't mind having dinner in bed tonight. While catching up on all my dvr'd shows... wouldn't mind one bit!

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will... me and my pain killers ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Sweet Husband!

Tomorrow, Andy and I will have been married 1 year and 2 months! Where in the world does time go?! It seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 2 month anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun! ;)

So... I thought I'd brag on him a little bit :)

With this new job, Andy has been such a huge help around the house... and emotionally! He's so patient with me... When I come home from a long day he's right there waiting to just be there... and when I'm tired, he picks up the slack.

He's done the laundry, the house chores, the grocery shopping, cooks dinner, takes care of Daisy... all on minimal sleep! I don't know how he does it... he's up super early for PT and still finds the patience to do everything and deal with me and the dog! :) 

... and he understands my hints ;)

To My Love,
Thank you for being you! You are always know what to say when I need you! 
I appreciate you even tho sometimes I don't always show it.
You are the best husband ever and I love you more than words can say!
Love, Your Sweetheart 
On another note... my jewler just called... my wedding band is ready to be picked up!!! :)
It was missing a diamond so it went to be fixed a few weeks ago and I've missed it!

Happy Hump day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{insert clever title here}

I want a clever fancy catchy title... like... Keeping up with the Kardashians... maybe Rock and Roll with the Rodriguez's?? anyone have any ideas??

I have no cute title for this post either. I guess my brain is just shot.

Anywho.... here's what happened as far as the weekend goes (via pictures of course)...

We got to keep our friends little boy Friday night to Saturday afternoon... we had SO MUCH FUN!! we love this little boy so much!! Here we were in the car on the way to take Daisy to the dog park.


Hanging out watching Astro Boy!

On the way home, this girl was pooped!! So was CJ! :) They both ran their little hearts out!

I never realized the hype of Essie brand nail polish.... I do now! it stays on for so long!! I am in love!

Enjoying some popcorn :) CJ's favorite! Daisy's face cracks me up here.

Has anyone tried these? I love them!

Daisy was laying BEHIND Andy's head last night... she's a silly girl.

My 3 things I need on the way home from work (on my 45 minute commute).... Garth Brooks, cruise control and a phone call with my mom :)

How was your weekend??

Friday, April 13, 2012

Confessional Friday!

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! That means it's time to link up at Blonde Ambition and get your confessions out!

1.) I have some HUGE plans for tonight... get dinner, go home, catch up on the DVR'd shows and PASS OUT! I had possible plans, but no, I'm going to have a mandatory relaxing night. I'm tuckered out.

2.) I love my dog again. I mean, I never stopped loving her... but since she didn't cry herself to sleep last night, I love her that much more! :)

3.) I look forward to the weekend because I love taking Daisy to the dog park. I love being "frequent flyers" there because I get to see all my dog park buddies, and Daisy does too.

4.) My little brother graduates in May from highschool and leaves for Recruitment Training for the Marine Corps June 11th and I won't get to be there for any of it. :( With this new position I just can't take time off, and let's face it... flying accross our great country is no cheap fare.

5.) My husband had the house cleaned and laundry going last night when I got home. Another reason I fall in love with him over and over again.

6.) We have a busy weekend ahead, and I'm super excited for it! (that's more random than confessional....)

7.) I want long hair. I'm growing mine out, but I just wish it would grow faster and that I could snap my fingers and it would be down to my back....

8.) I'm frustrated with my capri's not fitting how I wanted them to...

9.) but I can only blame myself.

Happy Friday everyone! and have a GREAT weekend!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little update...

Hi my people!

Well... it's official.... I. LOVE. MY. JOB.

I love the ladies I work with, I love the students I come in contact with, and there's so much more that I love... but I mainly just love it all! :) That's alot of love in that sentence!

Anyways... I'm sorry I've been absent... but I just wanted to update you on a few things...

First off... our friends are leaving. :(
Remember this sweet boy....
and this sweet couple...

They are moving to Minnesota :(
Carlos got out of the Army and he was offered a position in Minnesota, so they are moving... We are SUPER excited for them, but sad for us :(
They will be missed!!

This girl has been crying the last 2 nights when we put her to bed.... WHY?!
It's so frustrating! but oh well. we just continue to ignore her... but if she does it again tonight she might find herself in the garage! (not really...  I'm all talk)

I finally learned how to curl my hair (wavy really) with my flat iron! My hair stylist back home tried to teach me a few times, and finally I just caught on yesterday! ha!

This weekend is going to be another busy one! We are watching CJ (the adorable boy up above), on Saturday, then going to the drive in Saturday night, then hanging out with my friends/coworkers Sunday after noon...

Everyone have a GREAT Friday eve! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday, BBQ and bunch o' random!

Lately... I have had NO TIME to blog! I barely have time to read all y'all's blogs... I do, but I am limited on my time...  Our lives are C-R-A-Z-Y! But I wanted to share some pictures... so here we go!

Miss Daisy turned 1 on Saturday, so we celebrated!

she LOVED her cake!!!
A close up of her piece of heaven! :)

On Sunday we laid low and bbq'd... holidays just don't feel like holidays sometime... maybe it's because we are away from family? who knows... but we had a quiet little Easter which we needed!

Of course we took a few trips to the dog park ... :)

And face timed with Andy's family... here are all 4 of the kids.

This was this morning, I was blow drying my hair and Daisy put her paw up and wanted to hold my hand.... we sat and held hands for about 5 minutes. I think she just needed some mommy time.
P.S. see how big her paws are?!

Love that boy.

This was our 3 day weekend... just hanging out!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Dear Husband: Thank you for cleaning up last night, I REALLY appreciate it! Dear Daisy: You drive me crazy how you can't pee and poop on the same trip outside.... and the big scratch you gave me this morning, not appreciated! Dear new job: I adore you! You have made going to work fun again! Dear blog: I'm sorry I've been distant lately, The new job has taken up lots of my time! Dear Husband: I'm SUPER excited for our 90 minute couples massage that we have scheduled in 5 hours :) Dear Weekend: Thank you for being 3 days instead of 2. Dear Daisy: Ok, ok I'll take you out for the third time. 

I'm having trouble uploading a picture... so none at this time, but I'll take plenty this weekend! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little of this, little of that!

I woke up this morning not feeling so well..... was about 10 minutes late to work because I was moving a little slow (thank you Aunt Flow)... and then I get an email with this....
Our wedding book that I worked on last night has been received and is in the process of being printed and mailed to us. Huge sigh of relief since we celebrated our 1 YEAR wedding anniversary almost 2 months ago... but hey, better late than never right??
Shout out to my mom's BFF and my "blonde mom" Betti who got us this wonderful gift card so we could get this book that we will cherish FOREVER!! And thank you Shutterfly for having gift cards that don't expire for procrastanators like moi.

And then I just remembered that it's a 4 day work week... so today is really WEDNESDAY! How excited am I?! and THIS Friday Andy and I get our 90 minute couples massage.... which we desperately need.

And then we might go walk around this park...

And all this makes this day just better already :)

We are watching our friends sweet little boy tonight and we are so excited! This kid is absolutely adorable! I'm making his favorite meal Spaghetti, so he'll be a happy camper!

I have a very dumb important question.... how do I reply to people when they leave a comment? I try to go to their blog and comment back, but I want to personally send them a message.
So.. if you have been commenting, I'm not ignoring you!! I LOVE your comments!! Please keep them coming! :)

Happy Tuesday-Wednesday people!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend wrap up!

Good Monday morning my lovely people!!
I hope you are rested and ready to take on the week....  because I, quite frankly, am not :)

... but that's ok because it's a 4 day work week and I start my new job today at 11.

Here's our weekend... picture style!

Friday night we went to dinner with our friends Todd, Kelly and Emily then the girls went and got pedicures, and the guys went to Lowe's to get stuff for the grill. Such a typical guys/girls night right?? :)

 Daisy and I hanging out waiting for Andy to come home from his guys night.
She was fast asleep.... it was around midnight.... the girl puts herself to bed no later than 9:30. She's like her momma ;)

We BBQ'd on Sunday.... yummm!!
We had steak, baked potatoes, and veggie/chicken ka'bob's.
(chicken, grape tomatoes, yellow squash, red, orange and yellow peppers.... DELISH!)
Kudo's to our chef Todd!

My parents got Andy and I our grill for our birthday last year, we love it!
Do you see Daisy staring Emily down, hoping she'd drop some chicken!

Sweet Emily. She told Andy and I that she loved us at least 5 times! She is so precious!!
We love you too Em!

My suga' and I!

Happy Monday folks!