Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WILW & Hump day!

Let's all take a minute and appreciate the fact that we have made it half way through the week!
Sweet mercy, it's been a long one!

Now... onto What I Love Wednesday!

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{1.} New shift!

I am working 11-8 on Wednesdays now so I get to sleep in a little more on this beautiful day, and I am so happy about that! I'm sure come Thursday morning I'm going to hate it.. but hey... today I will be thankful!

{2.} Love this girl!

Since I didn't have to set an alarm, I got to sleep in and snuggle with this pretty girl! Daisy loved having someone home a little longer, she probably loved it even more because that meant she got to take a little walk/jog and play fetch this morning too! Here's to hoping she doesn't eat anything today!! :)

This was her after we played, and the bottom right was when I told her I had to leave for work... I think she thought it was Saturday for a minute. :( Love that sweet face!

{3.} Love Face Time!

I love that we got to facetime last night with my little sister, her boyfriend and my mom! Modern technology makes being apart just a little easier! Thank you Apple for this great invention!

{4.} Love "Mom Meals"

Sunday I made my mom's roast, and last night I made my MIL's taquitos and yummy rice. It's soooo delicious, and I love the way our house smells after I cook it... like a good Mexican restaurant! :) You know I love my mexican food!

{5.} I love The Voice

I love that my 2 uncles and uncles fiance work on The Voice, because every once in a while I'll see my Uncle Doug sending someone out on stage. It's so fun to have family in show business! :)

{6.} Love my Andy!

And every day of my life, I love love love this sweet man. He's my rock. I can't imagine my life without him and I am a better person because of him. I made him promise me last night that when we die, we go together when we're old. Kinda like in the Notebook. :)

And I always love his kisses!!!!

What are you loving today??

Bonus Post... :)
I have to share with you this precious little girl... she is my sweet friend Katie's daughter. Her name is Kylee and she is a doll! This little one stole my heart when she was just a few months old... and Katie is wonderful at keeping us updated with pictures!

It seems like yesterday I was picking her and her purple blankie up from daycare... and Katie just sent me this picture, and she lost her first tooth!! I had to include some pictures of when she was a baby too, she was the most beautiful baby... and is now a pretty little princess!

I got to see her at Christmas when we were home, and she is getting so old! Katie, we need to have a facetime date soon!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

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  1. What a fun post! FaceTime is so much fun and your friend's daughter is such a cutie!