Monday, March 19, 2012

picture perfect weekend!

The alarm went off at 5:45 this morning, I hit snooze. It went off again at 5:50, I hit snooze... I continued to do that up until about 6:20... mainly because I didn't want to move away from the sweet pup who was right next to me.... sharing my same pillow to be exact :) When Andy leaves for PT at 5 in the morning he takes Daisy out to go potty and then lets her come in from her bed (in the laundry room) to snuggle with me until I get up... then she stays in the bed and continues to sleep while I get ready... don't mess with that girl and her sleep! She does not get up before 7 and she likes to be in bed asleep by about 9... with a nap from 7-8 (and all day of course) ... anyways, because I value time with that girl when she's so sweet and cuddly I didn't want to get up :(

And of course the fact that I had a 3 day weekend made it a little harder to get up and get back to reality too... :) So... here's our weekend in pictures... :)

Thursday night we drove up to Fort Jackson, South Carolina because my brother Jarrod graduated from recruitment school on Friday. It was really cool to be able to attend his graduation... we had alot of fun too!

My sister in law Casie and Jarrod

He's alot taller than me :)

Brother in laws! 

My suga'!

Saturday we went to little miss Emily's birthday party, it was alot of fun! Andy is SO good with kids... it's one of the many things about him that I love... he held the little 4 month old baby, he sat at the kids table with Emily, he bounced in the bouncy house... I just love him :)
The guys had fun too, they did a group laser tag! I felt bad for the other team... I don't think they realized they were going up against 6 military guys!

The adorable birthday girl is now 3!

This was our little girl when we picked her up from daycare... she was pooped!

On Sunday we had a family day... we slept in, went to the dog park for a while, came home and relaxed then Andy and I went to a movie... it was the perfect ending to a great weekend! :)

Playing with the camera :)

He sure is handsome isn't he??
I look like a hot mess... it was SO hot and humid and my hair took a dump on me! but he's cute! :)

This is how our weekend ended.... both my babe's pooped and ready for bed!

I have to share a funny story... on the way to Fort Jackson, we took the way the GPS told us... well the 2 1/5 hour drive took us 5 hours! I'm not even joking! And on that 5 hour drive we could NOT find a place to eat... I mean there was nothing! The gas station that we went to the bathroom at had BARS on the windows! WHAT?!

So... we came accross the pig... that's right.... we had dinner at the Piggly Wiggly! Thankfully this one just so happen to have a restaurant in it... and I'm tellin you, one of the best burgers I've ever had!
So if you are ever in back woods South Carolina... eat at the pig!

Then when we were driving home, Casie and I saw this on the freeway and started cracking up... it will forever be the most random place we've had dinner... but definitely one of the best! :)

After all.... this is the south!

Happy Monday y'all!!

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