Monday, March 5, 2012


Is it Monday already?!  whew.

Friday was a pretty tough day at work... they let 12 people go. Our company had to re-organize and unfortunately some people lost their jobs, I however did not. And for that I am very very thankful!
So... Friday night Andy and I had a much needed date.. we ate Taco Bell (on the go) because the movie we were going to was starting at 7:15 and I didn't get home until almost 6. We luuuurve Taco Bell, so it was a perfect date night by me! :)
We went and say Act of Valor... has anyone seen this?

It definitely was a hard one to watch, but SO good... and I really think everyone should see this. Everyone should know what these families go through, each and every day! Bring your tissue, because it's a tear jerker! I had some water works, that's for sure!

Saturday we cleaned the house and got ready for my friend to bring her sweet baby over for us to watch while they had a date! It was SO much fun and she is the sweetest, easiest, most perfect baby I've ever watched! (and I've watched a lot of babies!)

How cute is little miss Annabella?!

Daisy was hilarious! She had never been around a little baby before, so she was quite curious about this little thing! She sniffed her stuff, and then sniffed her a little bit (as much as we would allow), and then decided that she was ok. haha. The one second Anna did cry, Daisy was very concerned and gave me a "why are you letting her cry" look... I wasn't fast enough with the bottle change, and Anna was hungry! Daisy laid by my feet while I held her and was so concerned! It was precious!! She definitely has some motherly instincts in her... and hopefully when we have kids she'll be that good with them too!
But for now... she's our only baby! :)

Sunday morning we just relaxed and watched some TV and I cleaned up more while Andy went to the gym... and did about 12 loads of laundry! Ugh.
After everything was done we took Daisy to the doggie park that is off post (right by where she goes to day-care). She LOVED it! I forgot my phone at home, so I didn't get any pictures... but she was in HEAVEN! It's completely fenced in, so she ran her little heart out! She was cracking Andy and I up because she runs like a horse! Maybe it's because she's so big? She even sounded like she was trotting when she came close to us. She didn't want anything to do with her ball because she was so excited to run! We decided that will be a frequent spot of ours! Especially because I got a little sun too! It felt great!

When we got home she was FILTHY because it was storming the day before, so she got a bath and was passed out within minutes!

Then last night my SIL came over for dinner and to hang out. It's so nice having family so close! It was a nice relaxing evening! :) Thanks Cas for coming over and loving on our sweet Daisy! Daisy ADORES her Auntie Casie!

This was this morning, she was still pooped and wouldn't even get up to go eat!

She has been out all week and is doing great, so I think we can finally say that our little girl is a "stay at home dog"... instead of a "stay in the kennel dog" :)

I'm sorry that our blog is mainly about the dog... but she's our little princess! Seriously, when Andy calls her he says "come here princess"... so sweet! :)

Happy Monday! I hope it's a great one!

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