Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend in pictures!

Here is our weekend ... picture style!

Friday night we relaxed and watched a movie with our favorite pup...

Then threw the ball around a little bit...

Then Saturday morning, we woke up and threw the ball some more...

and took a nap :)

Then I got this picture of my brother and sister who were at the Blake Shelton concert.... JEALOUS!

Then we went to a BBQ for Andy's work and hung out with our friends...

Todd and little miss Emly... she's adorable!
Then Andy asked Daisy how she would feel if he slept on her for a change... she didn't seem to notice at all! haha.

Yesterday, we were at our friends house and their little boy CJ wanted to come home with us...

So we took him! :)
And he and Daisy played and played and played!

Which we loved... because then she was tired and slept like a baby! :)
(the dog park might have helped some with that too....)

Thank you for your sweet comments about Daisy... I blogged when I was EXTREMELY frustrated with her... of course we love her, she's our little princess... but just like anyone else, we are human and do get frustrated once in a while... but that's the joy of being a puppy owner right??
We wouldn't trade her for the world! And since we have been frequent flyers at the dog park she's been a lot better! Crossing my fingers that it stays that way!

Happy Monday!

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