Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes and Always... {Link it up}

Ok my people... I'm linking up over on Meagan's  blog for this "Sometimes and Always"... wish me luck, this is my first time doing this! :)

Sometimes:  I think that I will set my alarm for 5:30 and actually get up at that time...

Always: I hit the snooze about 15 million times and go back to sleep until around 6... or like today 6:15 :(

Sometimes: I wonder why I don't have more blog followers...

Always: I remind myself that I have to COMMENT so people follow me back! :)

Sometimes: I whine and boo hoo about how Andy has duty (2 times this week to be exact!) ... and the duty is always 24 hours...

Always: I remind myself that this is the life we signed up for, and try to remind myself that he's not deployed... I'll take the duty over deployment...

I stole this from my fellow blog friend Janna .... HILARIOUS!!!

Sometimes: I go outside thinking I don't need sunscreen....

Always: I get burnt... see picture below. :(

I will say tho, today it looks like it COULD turn into a tan... I don't tan people... this would be a miracle from above if it does turn tan.

Sometimes: I get so stressed out and frustrated and irritated at work...

Always: I look at my phone and see this picture and it makes me smile...

and then I call him and my whole day is better in an instant.

Ok.... there you go! I think I like this sometimes and always thing! You should try it! :)

Happy Tuesday y'all!
I am going to go home tonight and cook a nice dinner and take it to Andy while he's on CQ ... and then attempt to sleep with the dog beside me instead of my handsome hubby. Thank goodness for Daisy during times like this! Now if she would learn to cuddle with me, things would be great!

Last but not least...


You were the best boss in the whole world and I hope your day is perfect!!! I am sorry I'm not there to give you a Cars birthday cake... but I'm sure someone will see to it that you are spoiled!!!!


  1. Haha glad you used the picture and thanks for the shout out ;) Don't you just love Sometimes & Always? I got burnt today too! It was nice outside, so I laid out for a bit. It back fired because Colorado is so close to the sun!

  2. I'm a new follower and love your blog!

  3. Oh my gosh, your poor sunburn! Yikes!! That looks so painful!! I always set my alarm early and hit snooze...and then oversleep. Like two hours today. Whoops!!

    Thanks for linking up with me!! Loved reading it!