Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinterest Vs. Me!

I always see things on Pineterst that I love... so I tried a few things out... and so far I'm pleased with it!
I LOVE to decorate, however only do a room or so at a time because things are so darn expensive... so here is what I have so far...

I wanted a "family picture" wall... like the 2 below...

So I found this sign, and attempted it...

And here's my finished product! :)
The sign came from Hobby Lobby, and the misc. picture frames came from all over :)

I wanted to find a Laundry sign so bad...

Here's what I found :) good ol' Hob Lob!

I LOOOOOVE this black and white guest room!

Here's what I have so far... :) I do have a black rod iron head board and foot board, but I need to get the frame before we can put that together. My in-laws are coming in June, so it will be done before then :)

I need more ideas of what to do in that bedroom... help!

We'll see what else I can take on next :)
Happy Thursday!

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