Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miss Daisy...

As most of you who are frequent flyers of the Rodriguez blog know... our 75 pound little bundle of joy of a dog Daisy is our baby, our princess, the pain in our booties, but always our little love!
And... she's turning 1 next Saturday!!!

So here's my question... since I'm that crazy momma of a fur baby, I want to plan a little something special for our girl!

I would Love to get her a collar like one of these....

(my FAV!)

and a cake like one of these....

and of course some good ol' chew toys that she can tear apart in 10 seconds flat! ha!

So... here's my question...
did you throw a birthday party for your dog when she turned 1?
Am I ridiculous?
Where do I get a cake for her?

You think me throwing a birthday party for my dog is crazy... imagine when we have kids! ;)
happy hump day!


  1. Ha Ha- How cute! I LOVE those collars :)

  2. I love, love, LOVE those collars! And how presh is that cake? My hubby and I have a 65lb Doberman baby, so I know just how feel when it comes to toys being torn apart in 10 seconds flat. Ellie - our pup - turned one last year and, though we didn't do a party, we did get her some birthday treats and toys. My advice: def do something special, because Daisy will know. It sounds crazy, but they know when it's a special day! And, if you haven't tried the Kong balls yet, GET ONE! They have them at pet stores and even grocery stores sometimes. We bought Ellie one for Christmas, and it is still around. It is one toy that she loves and can't chew up:)We put milk bones inside of it and it keeps her occupied for a while...You know, when Mama needs a break!