Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm doing two link up's today... this is, after all, where my beloved followers come from!
Ashley  does letters every Friday... and they are so cute... so I'm going to attempt it!

Dear Husband, You were so cute last night with your little kid talk... but stealing the covers, not so cute. Dear Daisy, last night, when you and daddy were playing and you head butted me in the nose and lip, that goes down as your not so adorable moment... my nose and head hurt and my lip is swollen. thank you. Dear Georgia, you are getting too hot and your pollen is out of this world. I am not a fan and hope to leave you sooner than later. Dear iphone, thank you for making my day bareable. Dear Husband,  I can't wait for our dinner date to my favorite place tonight. Dear El Cazador, we'll see you tonight. Please have my bean dip ready for me. Dear Southwest airlines, please send a free ticket my way. I miss my Idaho peeps. Dear fellow bloggers, your comments MAKE MY DAY. :)

Sincerely. Me.


  1. I always enjoy reading the Friday's letters!
    Enjoy your date with your hubby tonight :)

  2. Allergies are flippin' KILLING me right now!!! I feel ya on the pup knockin' you and it not being cute...I hate when Weiser does that.