Friday, March 23, 2012

Confessional Friday!

It's FRIDAY.... and that means it's time to confess!!

{1.} I have no idea what the Hunger Games is all about. I've never seen a pre-view for the movie, I didn't read the books... and I am going to see it tonight.
Some of our friends asked if we wanted to go see it, and since Andy and I love going to the movies, we said "sure!" ... even tho we have no idea what we are about to see.
So... if you could give me a little info, that'd be great!

{2.} I love confessional Friday's because I've gotten some new followers because of it! And they, my friends, leave comments!

{3.} I think this boy is the cutest thing ever. and I want to squeeze him.

But he's about 11 hours away. :(

{4.} I am SO excited to start my new job! SO SO SO excited.

{5.} I said "I love my new oven" last night about fifteen times. By the last time, my husband said "honey, I am happy"... lol... that was his sweet way of saying "enough already!" but really, it's nice to be able to cook and not have the food burnt to a crisp.

{6.} I am over summer already, and it's only spring. Our days of 70 degrees and beautiful are coming to an end... the 80's are here. and I don't mean big scrunchies and neon pants. :(

{7.} I just made myself laugh with that "80's joke"

{8.} I want to find a new outfit for my first day at the new job. Convincing the hubby that I NEED more clothes, that will be the battle. The closet is stuffed. but a new spring dress might be in the future ;)

{9.} I just ran out of makeup that I bought 13 months ago. MAC is my bff.
(I don't think that is really a confession, really something I'm more excited about!) ha!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend wonderful people.

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    I'm not a Hunger games girl so can't help ya!

    New makeup is so fun! :)