Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm doing two link up's today... this is, after all, where my beloved followers come from!
Ashley  does letters every Friday... and they are so cute... so I'm going to attempt it!

Dear Husband, You were so cute last night with your little kid talk... but stealing the covers, not so cute. Dear Daisy, last night, when you and daddy were playing and you head butted me in the nose and lip, that goes down as your not so adorable moment... my nose and head hurt and my lip is swollen. thank you. Dear Georgia, you are getting too hot and your pollen is out of this world. I am not a fan and hope to leave you sooner than later. Dear iphone, thank you for making my day bareable. Dear Husband,  I can't wait for our dinner date to my favorite place tonight. Dear El Cazador, we'll see you tonight. Please have my bean dip ready for me. Dear Southwest airlines, please send a free ticket my way. I miss my Idaho peeps. Dear fellow bloggers, your comments MAKE MY DAY. :)

Sincerely. Me.

Friday Conffesionals....

It's time for Friday Confessional's  at Leslie's blog and I have a few tough ones so here we go!

{1} It's my LAST day as a receptionist and I'm beyond excited.... I need a new manager because my old director left and it's been awful since she left. I'm usually a sweet, happy go lucky, don't talk bad about anyone type of person, but y'all... this has been BRUTAL!

{2} Thank goodness for my lovely coworker/friend Melody who will listen to my whining because without her I don't think I could make it through these last few work days.

{3} Remember my shopping spree from yesterday? Still haven't tried the pants on... the shirt however, I love and am wearing today :)

{4} I might go buy another in a different color.

{4} I have worn my hair up in a "poof bang with a back bun" hairstyle for 2 days now. It's just been that kind of week. And my highlights are growing out. But... that is getting fixed tomorrow, thank goodness.

{5} My hubby is having a "guys night" later and I'm sad. I like to be with my husband whenever I can, and I'm not one to sit at home without him. It sucks.

{6} I don't want to be that wife who says "no, you can't go out"... so I'm putting my feelings aside and going with it. If you see me tweeting at midnight, you'll know why.

{7} I start my new job on Monday and I'm excited. Beyond excited. Thrilled. and just plain ecstatic. Mainly to be in a different department. This week has been awful.

{8} Before Andy goes for guys night we are having dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and I plan to have a margarita. Yep. It's been that kind of a week.

{9} I have absolutely no pictures in this post and I don't feel one bit bad about it.

{10} We went to a "Fro-Yo" place last night... and for those that aren't down with the lingo... that means Frozen Yogurt... I felt very healty until I got to the topping part. I'm just going to stop there.

{11} My top today is navy blue... my skirt is denim (it's a cute denim, not like old lady long denim), my accessories are a creamy/golden color, and my shoes are black. FASHION ALERT. I've yet to buy brown sandals, and I'm going at lunch... so for two and a half more hours I have to keep wearing these black shoes and hide my feet the best I can under my desk.

Don't judge. It's that kind of week.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bargain day!

I am on a ROLL today y'all!

This morning I got a groupon deal for Andy and I.... 90 minute couples massage for us for $40.00!!

Yes, Four - Zero people!

To say we are excited about this would be the understatement of the YEAR! 
So... next Friday Andy and I are going to get pampered! :) It will be the perfect end to my first week of my new position!

 THEN... at lunch, I went and walked around the mall trying to find new work pants... and boy did I score!
I got these pants...

for $12.99 each people....

buy 1 and get 1 50 % off of these....

(sorry dad)

and a super cute navy blue button up top and a few cardigans!
I have PLENTY of shirts... I just needed a little cardigan or two to make them pop! :)

And then because I HAD to spend a little bit more to get the big discount I got some cute earrings! :)

I might just go buy a lotter ticket with this kind of luck!!

So I've saved about $250.00 today! .... and I'm done for a few months ;)


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miss Daisy...

As most of you who are frequent flyers of the Rodriguez blog know... our 75 pound little bundle of joy of a dog Daisy is our baby, our princess, the pain in our booties, but always our little love!
And... she's turning 1 next Saturday!!!

So here's my question... since I'm that crazy momma of a fur baby, I want to plan a little something special for our girl!

I would Love to get her a collar like one of these....

(my FAV!)

and a cake like one of these....

and of course some good ol' chew toys that she can tear apart in 10 seconds flat! ha!

So... here's my question...
did you throw a birthday party for your dog when she turned 1?
Am I ridiculous?
Where do I get a cake for her?

You think me throwing a birthday party for my dog is crazy... imagine when we have kids! ;)
happy hump day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes and Always... {Link it up}

Ok my people... I'm linking up over on Meagan's  blog for this "Sometimes and Always"... wish me luck, this is my first time doing this! :)

Sometimes:  I think that I will set my alarm for 5:30 and actually get up at that time...

Always: I hit the snooze about 15 million times and go back to sleep until around 6... or like today 6:15 :(

Sometimes: I wonder why I don't have more blog followers...

Always: I remind myself that I have to COMMENT so people follow me back! :)

Sometimes: I whine and boo hoo about how Andy has duty (2 times this week to be exact!) ... and the duty is always 24 hours...

Always: I remind myself that this is the life we signed up for, and try to remind myself that he's not deployed... I'll take the duty over deployment...

I stole this from my fellow blog friend Janna .... HILARIOUS!!!

Sometimes: I go outside thinking I don't need sunscreen....

Always: I get burnt... see picture below. :(

I will say tho, today it looks like it COULD turn into a tan... I don't tan people... this would be a miracle from above if it does turn tan.

Sometimes: I get so stressed out and frustrated and irritated at work...

Always: I look at my phone and see this picture and it makes me smile...

and then I call him and my whole day is better in an instant.

Ok.... there you go! I think I like this sometimes and always thing! You should try it! :)

Happy Tuesday y'all!
I am going to go home tonight and cook a nice dinner and take it to Andy while he's on CQ ... and then attempt to sleep with the dog beside me instead of my handsome hubby. Thank goodness for Daisy during times like this! Now if she would learn to cuddle with me, things would be great!

Last but not least...


You were the best boss in the whole world and I hope your day is perfect!!! I am sorry I'm not there to give you a Cars birthday cake... but I'm sure someone will see to it that you are spoiled!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

4 Hours...

Weird title for a Monday post right? well... 4 hours is how much sleep I got last night.
Now, I'm the type of girl that needs at least 8 hours... or else forget it! I am worthless.
Well... when Andy's sgt texted him Saturday morning at 7 am telling him he had duty from 9 am on Sunday to 9 am on Monday.... I was sad. Sad that I wouldn't get to hang out with him on one of our two days off together... and sad because I knew my sleep would be AWFUL. and I was right.

So... I'm not going to do a "what a wonderful weekend post".. because it wasn't. I am thankful for the time that I DID get to spend with him, but I feel like I worked all weekend! Saturday we did relax a little bit, so that was nice... but the day just flew by... and then Sunday I was doing house work, laundry, cooking for Andy, taking Daisy to the dog park, giving Daisy a bath, and then another bath... and then finally sitting down to relax at 8pm! I was SO exhausted so I thought for sure that I'd sleep like a rock... but nope, I tossed and turned and tossed and turned... it was awful! I texted Andy around 2:30 saying I couldn't sleep :( He said "just close your eyes love and picture me next to you and you will be able to sleep".
He's amazing. He knows just what to say. After that I slept a little bit... but then was up bright and early at 5:30 so I could go give him a kiss before I went to work.

Here's a few pictures from our weekend...
She took a "nose dive" in the mud. A few times. My black dog turned brown!  
Driving home... (after the 1st bath at the dog park water spicket)

After her 2nd bath... all curled up and sleeping like a little angel!

I fried about 40 Taquitos for our friends and for Andy and a few of the guys who were at the Barracks. They were a hit! These usually are :)

Remember how I told you how amazing he is??

I don't LOVE the design of our "I love you" board... I want to go print off the one from my blogger friend Sarah's blog... To see her ADORABLE ones click HERE  ... since our bathroom is lime green and white... I think I'm going to do THIS one. Actually... I might do that tonight... I keep forgetting we have a color printer :) lol.

Andy just texted me, he's home safe and sound. Now hurry up 5:00 so I can see my honey!

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Confessional Friday!

It's FRIDAY.... and that means it's time to confess!!

{1.} I have no idea what the Hunger Games is all about. I've never seen a pre-view for the movie, I didn't read the books... and I am going to see it tonight.
Some of our friends asked if we wanted to go see it, and since Andy and I love going to the movies, we said "sure!" ... even tho we have no idea what we are about to see.
So... if you could give me a little info, that'd be great!

{2.} I love confessional Friday's because I've gotten some new followers because of it! And they, my friends, leave comments!

{3.} I think this boy is the cutest thing ever. and I want to squeeze him.

But he's about 11 hours away. :(

{4.} I am SO excited to start my new job! SO SO SO excited.

{5.} I said "I love my new oven" last night about fifteen times. By the last time, my husband said "honey, I am happy"... lol... that was his sweet way of saying "enough already!" but really, it's nice to be able to cook and not have the food burnt to a crisp.

{6.} I am over summer already, and it's only spring. Our days of 70 degrees and beautiful are coming to an end... the 80's are here. and I don't mean big scrunchies and neon pants. :(

{7.} I just made myself laugh with that "80's joke"

{8.} I want to find a new outfit for my first day at the new job. Convincing the hubby that I NEED more clothes, that will be the battle. The closet is stuffed. but a new spring dress might be in the future ;)

{9.} I just ran out of makeup that I bought 13 months ago. MAC is my bff.
(I don't think that is really a confession, really something I'm more excited about!) ha!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend wonderful people.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's official.....

I got the job!!!!!

I start Tuesday, assuming they can hire my replacement in time... I am SO very excited!!
My title is "Administrative Assistant - Student Finance Services"... woo hoo!
The ladies are so wonderful back there and I can't wait to join their team!
It's a promotion, so we are going to celebrate! :)

That's all for now :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Exciting things ahead...

First off..... 

 Muy Feliz' cumplaƱos para Andy's abuela!!

Te Amo'!

It has been a few crazy weeks... so I'll just get right to it...
The college I work at had a re-orginization recently. After it was all said and done, our campus had to let go 12 people.... it was rough. I have never worked in a place with lay off's before, so it was shocking... then a week later the president of the school quit, then just 2 days ago our director of admissions (and one of my dear friends) announced she was transferring to our Charleston campus. While I'm so thrilled for her that she will be closer to her honey, I'm sad for us :(  She has been a great friend, an amazing boss and someone Andy and I have both learned to love. Even tho she is going to be only 2 1/2 hours away... we will still miss her! We love you Sparkle! :) (that's what Andy always calls her... and she calls him chico-stick-leg.... the first time she met him was a few weeks after his surgery so he had his leg all wrapped up.

Because of the re-organization... a friend of mine got a promotion, which is awesome and she is already excelling at... and a new position in Student Services opened up... so I applied for it. It will be a promotion, and it will be such a blessing if I do get it... it's more of the administrative assistant side of things which I feel so comfortable about... and I would be working with a GREAT group of girls!
So... stay tuned... I should hear soon!

Another thing that is crazy... since we have moved in our stove/oven has not worked correctly... so I called the housing line this morning and they have already sent a guy out to look at it... AND they are replacing it TOMORROW!

(no, I am not getting this oven... although I would LOVE it!)

So... praise the Lord I can make a pan of chicken without having crispy burnt edges and uncooked meat on the inside! I'm so happy. But how cool is it that they are sending someone SO soon, and are replacing it SO fast?! On post housing is turning out to be way better than I ever imagined!

It's the little things people, it's the little things.

I had to share this super cute picture of my 2 loves....

They were arguing about who got to cuddle with me first.

That's all for now... exciting stuff in the Rodriguez house!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thank you Pinterest...

First off.... our pasta had WAY too much salt in it last night... we are in desperate need of groceries (going tonight to the store... not to worry)... so I pulled whatever I could from the back of the pantry. Well it just so happen to be one of those Pasta Roni things... it's probably been in there since we moved in 2 1/2 months ago... whatever, don't judge. So. last night I made pork chops, grilled squash and some pasta roni, well now I feel like a swelled up pregnant lady :(

No, I am not pregnant, but they get very swollen towards the end. Or so I've heard.

Anyways, I'm sitting here sucking down the water in hopes that this will flush out... but 72 ounces later.... nothing :(

Thanks for letting me get that out. My body is annoyed. From the hair on my head all the way down to my sausages of toes. seriously. swollen.


Who loves Pinterest? I know I do. Sometimes I like to get ideas off there and try them out... as you've seen on previous posts... so here's my latest endeavour...

The infamous... glitter nail.

So... I gave it a shot, and here's what I came up with...
Please excuse me, I am in desperate need of a professional manicure :)

You like? I do. And it was super easy. Just some glitter polish and whatever nail polish you prefer :)

Happy painting ladies :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

picture perfect weekend!

The alarm went off at 5:45 this morning, I hit snooze. It went off again at 5:50, I hit snooze... I continued to do that up until about 6:20... mainly because I didn't want to move away from the sweet pup who was right next to me.... sharing my same pillow to be exact :) When Andy leaves for PT at 5 in the morning he takes Daisy out to go potty and then lets her come in from her bed (in the laundry room) to snuggle with me until I get up... then she stays in the bed and continues to sleep while I get ready... don't mess with that girl and her sleep! She does not get up before 7 and she likes to be in bed asleep by about 9... with a nap from 7-8 (and all day of course) ... anyways, because I value time with that girl when she's so sweet and cuddly I didn't want to get up :(

And of course the fact that I had a 3 day weekend made it a little harder to get up and get back to reality too... :) So... here's our weekend in pictures... :)

Thursday night we drove up to Fort Jackson, South Carolina because my brother Jarrod graduated from recruitment school on Friday. It was really cool to be able to attend his graduation... we had alot of fun too!

My sister in law Casie and Jarrod

He's alot taller than me :)

Brother in laws! 

My suga'!

Saturday we went to little miss Emily's birthday party, it was alot of fun! Andy is SO good with kids... it's one of the many things about him that I love... he held the little 4 month old baby, he sat at the kids table with Emily, he bounced in the bouncy house... I just love him :)
The guys had fun too, they did a group laser tag! I felt bad for the other team... I don't think they realized they were going up against 6 military guys!

The adorable birthday girl is now 3!

This was our little girl when we picked her up from daycare... she was pooped!

On Sunday we had a family day... we slept in, went to the dog park for a while, came home and relaxed then Andy and I went to a movie... it was the perfect ending to a great weekend! :)

Playing with the camera :)

He sure is handsome isn't he??
I look like a hot mess... it was SO hot and humid and my hair took a dump on me! but he's cute! :)

This is how our weekend ended.... both my babe's pooped and ready for bed!

I have to share a funny story... on the way to Fort Jackson, we took the way the GPS told us... well the 2 1/5 hour drive took us 5 hours! I'm not even joking! And on that 5 hour drive we could NOT find a place to eat... I mean there was nothing! The gas station that we went to the bathroom at had BARS on the windows! WHAT?!

So... we came accross the pig... that's right.... we had dinner at the Piggly Wiggly! Thankfully this one just so happen to have a restaurant in it... and I'm tellin you, one of the best burgers I've ever had!
So if you are ever in back woods South Carolina... eat at the pig!

Then when we were driving home, Casie and I saw this on the freeway and started cracking up... it will forever be the most random place we've had dinner... but definitely one of the best! :)

After all.... this is the south!

Happy Monday y'all!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Four Eight Fitness...

Four Eight Fitness is a business my sister in law is starting... she is a certified Cross Fit Trainer and she's starting to train anyone who's interested! She is SUCH a sweetheart and she is full of knowledge about health, exercise, and all that it entails!

Click HERE to go her website for more information. I'm telling you, she is one of the most sweetest,  sincere people you willl ever meet!

Plus... her baby (my nephew Jack) is just ADORABLE!

Give her a shout out and show her some bloggin' love!!

Pot o' Gold!

I know, I know... I said I wouldn't be back for a few days but I just had to share this...
Never in my life would I have thought I would like gold for an accessory... but that time is here.

I found some bracelets at a store in our mall the other day  (on sale of course.... $3.90) ,and I'm in love! I also found a cute dress to wear tomorrow and it too was on sale!  ($19.99 -- thank you Target!)
 ( I don't pay full price for hardly anything!  I'm frugal like can thank my mom!)
 So I thought I would share my outfit with you...

Navy blue and cream dress... I always thought stripes were bad, but it's actually really cute... it fits well enough to not excentuate the curvier parts! ;)

Cream colored nails... and bright toes of course :)

and I have some cute gold flat sandals, and I'm off to find some earrings on my break.... it's so convenient and dangerous at the same time to have our college in the mall! ayyy yii yii!

Now really... see you in a few days! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comments, blog and a cute pup!

Y'all, I have followers....

(and it's not just my husband, mom, MIL and SIL's...)... it's actual people! who blog! who comment!
This is so exciting!

I might even do a blog give-away! If I reach 50 followers, I might be doing a little somethin' somethin'.... So follow... and comment... and follow some more! :)

Now onto some super cute pictures of our super cute fur-baby!

This is the "mom, please don't make me get up" look....

She was SUPER clingy last night!

Sweet girl!

Sorry this is side-ways.... Andy took a picture of us the other night :)

I'm going to be off the ol' blog for a few days... we are taking a trip!
Happy Hump Day!