Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Weight Watchers Wednesday!
Tonight I'm making this...

It's baked spaghetti carbonara, and it looks amazing! I am so excited for all these new WW recipes! We went grocery shopping last night so I'm going to be a cooking fool! :)
We found all sorts of stuff... WW yogurt, WW string cheese, WW muffins, WW EVERYTHING!

Tomorrow I will let you know how it turned out! If I can remember, I'll take a picture! :)

I just ate this as part of my breakfast (I break my breakfast up in incriments...)

it's a Weight Watchers blueberry muffin.... and it was amazing! :)

It's "football week" at work, so we get to wear our football jerseys or sweatshirts, so I'm bring BLUE AND ORANGE to dog country!!! Wish me luck!

Thanks to my SIL I have cute accessories to go along with my hubbys sweatshirt... mine is in my parents closet :(

Watch out Georgia, there's about to be some Broncos up in here! (say a prayer I don't get mugged in the parking lot! haha)

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