Monday, February 13, 2012

Wonderful Weekend!

We had a great weekend! My plan of cleaning the house during the week worked, so I was able to relax this weekend and just hang out! It was awesome!

Friday night Andy took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant and we ate and then went home and just relaxed... Saturday after relaxing in the morning we went to my brother and sister in law's house to celebrate Jarrod's birthday... we just had a relaxing evening of just hanging out and enjoying time together. It was awesome! Then Sunday Andy and I went to a movie and then my SIL came over for dinner and to hang out. Jarrod had to go back to SC for school :(

We are so thankful to have family close, and are even more thankful we are able to build relationsips with Jarrod and Casey, they are such special people to us!!

Miss Daisy stole the show this weekend, I swear I have more pictures of that pretty girl than I do of us! haha. I guess that's how it is when she's our only child! :)

(once again, the darn pictures are turned around... drives me crazy!)
Love my tall brother!

The boys!

Daisy just hanging out with her daddy!

Daisy helping Casey pick out some earrings, she sat like this for a while! She loves her Auntie Casey!

She loves her Uncle Jarrod too, Jarrod is 6'5, I'm hoping he stays taller than D!

Picture with momma!

Our family of 3! :) It was SO windy and cold out!!

Loving on our sweet girl!!

Daisy turned away while we kissed! haha!

I put a flower on Daisy's collar, she liked it... daddy didn't.

The birthday boy opening his gifts!

Daisy in her spot!

This pretty girl had her valentines dance! gorgeous right?!

19 degrees, BRRRR!!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. my week and weekend was the best my husband and i have had well since i can remember i got the very special reward of reuniting him with his family and i feel as though after a lifetime of yearning for having such loving, caring, unconditional love i myself did this for my husband but i think i also found that special bond of what a sister feels like and bil and the rest of the family i only hope will just follow right in { i know they will} my life has just took on such a more powerful meaning i can't speak for anyone else this is only my perspective but i know if my husband was on here his heart would spill over

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