Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday tidbits!

It's been a whole 4 days since I've blogged!


Sorry about that.

We've had a crazy week in our house... Monday I went home sick.. not to worry I got some migraine medication and am back up and running... after sleeping all day on Tuesday ~~ doctor's orders ~~ ... and then I was on my way home yesterday and my poor hubby told me he had a real bad tooth ache :(  so we had soup, cut up chicken tenders and a milk shake for dinner.
Delicious, right?

Andy has a dentist appointment Monday to get his tooth taken care of, and I'm still feeling better... so we are on the mend!

Daisy has been an extremely wonderful dog this week... I mean, she's a great dog anyways, but Tuesday she did not leave my side! She didn't even bug me to go potty, I got up to take her when I felt good enough and then we laid back down and slept. Of course when her daddy got home she was ready to play... she can only deal with 1 sick human at a time! haha. Last night she was real good too, she knew Andy wasn't feeling well so she slept with him and comforted him.

Look at our sweet princess, just all comfy in our bedding!

Here's some random things that are on going on in my head....

1.) I love this new hair color. Love it. I don't feel washed out, my hair feels healthier, I even love the slight red tint that I have... *gasp* if you know me.. .you know I would have NEVER said that before! lol

2.) I haven't cooked a meal since Sunday, even then I didn't really cook... I just made sides. That's just how our week has been.

3.) My husband calls his grandma in Mexico every Wednesday and I love to hear him talk to her... she doesn't speak English, so it's so sweet to see him practice his spanish :)

4.) I really really love my husband. Like, more than I've ever imagined loving someone. Of course theres days where he makes me want to pull my hair out (and I do the EXACT SAME to him)... but above all, we love each other SO stinkin much!

5.) Our anniversary is in 10 days and I don't want any gifts, I don't want a big extravigate weekend get away... I just want to go to dinner and a movie with my husband. :) Simple girl, simple things.

6.) I am going to try and change my cleaning routine... I'm going to do 1 thing every night after work, so then by the time Saturday and Sunday roll around... I get to spend my time hanging out with Andy and Daisy and not cleaning, doing laundry, or cooking all day! Starting today...
Here's what it looks like...

Chore Chart
WednesdayBathroom & Kitchen
ThursdayVaccuum & Mop Floors
FridayLaundry - whites
SaturdayLaundry - darks
SundayTidy up 

Happy Friday Eve y'al!

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