Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Randomness...

I have absolutely nothing to blog about... zero, zilch, zip... NADA!

Usually I can think of something to write about, but today my brain is just full of mucus and mush. Seriously, it's gross.

So... if your wanting to read about a bunch of random stuff... you in luck, if not.. come back tomorrow :)

I am not ready for 81 degree weather. It's only a sneak peak for us, but still too much for my taste. If it's gonna be 81, I'd like it to be on a Saturday so I can take the pup to the beach.

I really don't want to clean the house tonight. It's something I just have to do, but I really don't wanna.  :(

Weight Watchers is going extremely well this week, last week I didn't know if I had it in me... but this week is going much betta!

 Last year this time I was on a road trip with these 2 lovely women and we had a blast! I was traveling to my new home of Georgia and they made the 4 day drive a blast!

In order to make it through my cleaning spree tonight, I need to go get one of these...

That's all. Sorry bout the boring post :( better luck tomorrow.


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