Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful it's Thursday!

I am BEYOND thankful it's Thursday.... the day before Friday, and finally almost the end of the week! I know I say it all the time, but whew this week has been crazy! 

The WW dinner last night was delicious! no it did not look like the picture, and the picture I took didn't turn out so cute... so I am not going to post... but I will post a few pictures of what I want to make for Superbowl Sunday!!

I think I'm going to either get a papa murphy's pizza, or a few frozen pizzas from the grocery store and have that... and then this...

Total: 4 WW points per slice

Total: 7 points!

And then maybe some chips and dip... still looking for good recipes for that.

I knew there was a way to have good food on superbowl and still be on track with my WW! :)
Anyone want the recipes??

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  1. Oh my word, now I NEED Papa Murphy's AND fruit pizza. Two of my faves for sure! And I hope you'll post your recipes - always love finding new ones! :)