Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Weekend!

See that guy on the right?? That's my brother :)
You might be thinking... brother... wait, what brother? Yes, I have 3 brothers! Jarrod (up top), JD and Nate. Long story ... but my dad had 2 kids when my parents got married ... it was like the brady bunch, my dad had 2, my mom had 2, then they had 2 together... are you following still?? :)
My dad's 2 kids lived with their moms, so we didn't see them growing up... we saw my sister Chelsea a few times, but we never saw Jarrod..
Friday night my mom texted me saying she thinks Chelsea is friends Jarrods wife on Facebook... so I befriended her to see if that's in fact who it was.. and it was her! So I told her who I was and we had said we wanted to meet up. So, on Saturday since Andy and I were coming to Savannah anyways, I texted her to see if they wanted to meet up. So we met at a restaurant at 12:30 and hung out ALL DAY! It was amazing, it is so crazy how you know of a person for the last 19 years, but now you can finally put a face to their name! I was so excited, but I was even more excited that my dad and Jarrod could re-connect! Jarrod isn't close with his family, so I'm so excited that he has us now! I am just giddy about this whole thing... I love my brothers and sisters and am so excited to have all 6 of us in contact with each other!!

Now onto Superbowl Sunday...
One of these days we'll get a picture where Andy isn't sticking out his tongue!

This sweet girl was SO tired after being at doggie day care for 1 1/2 days, she slept through the game! :)

CJ and Emily were having fun watching Rio!

Sweet girl!!

She's my little buddy!

Just chillin!

Love these 2 kiddos!

We miss our nephews like CRAZY but are so happy we get some kid time with these 2! They make being away from our nephews bareable!

Melody and Carlos

... and again.

Todd and Kelly

I made this "Dessert Pizza"... it's a WW recipe and it was pretty good! The crust was a little dry so I think next time I'll add a little more milk than the recipe says...

Happy Monday everyone!!!! 

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