Thursday, February 16, 2012

One. Year. Later.

February 19, 2011

One year ago, I was anxiously awaiting a day to come...
the day that I would become Mrs. Andres Rodriguez... the day I would hang up my single shoes and become a lady who thinks of her husbands needs before hers, the day I would kiss my mom and dad and tell them thank you for everything they have ever done for me and learn to cleave onto my husband, the day I had planned for and waited for ever since I was a little girl.... the day I got to marry my very best friend.

And now... we are about to celebrate our FIRST year of marriage!

Where has the time gone?! I have learned things that no one could have ever taught me, I had to experience it for myself. Of course Andy and I have had our fair share of yelling matches arguments! There have been times where we've had to learn and remember that we are not just one person anymore... and those lovely times when you just don't want to admit that you are wrong... but you just know it's something that needs to be done... and that it makes you stonger in the end... our happy times are ten times what the hard times are, and for that I am so thankful!

I have learned more about myself in one short year than I did in 25 without him! I have never ever in my life been happier. I adore that man, and I can't wait to spend 70 more years loving him!

Here are some pictures from the last year with little tid bits about my hunk of a hubby that I adore...

The first 2 are our engagement pictures, I had to add them because I LOVE them oh so much!!

Our photographer was amazing and a sweet friend! :)

Yes.. that is REAL snow! :) and yes... it was freezing.

I love the way when I'm mad about something and don't want to talk, he tickles me until I tell him what is wrong.

I love that he can wrap me in his arms and the whole world could be exploding but we wouldn't even know!

I love that each time I kiss him it feels like the best kiss ever!

I love how he looks at me!

I love how he is so amazing with our sweet puppy!

I love how his heart is so big that he will record a football game just so he can take me on a date to the movie!

I love how he fills the coffee pot and get's it ready so that when I wake up I smell the coffee brewing!

I love how he helps me around the house, or helps me cook.

I love how after such a long day, I can curl up next to him and watch The Big Bang Theory or The Voice or whatever is on the TV and forget about anything that happened.

I love how he's not afraid to tell me he needs me...

and knows exactly when I need him!

I love how we can go on trips together and have fun and be giddy like little jr highers!

I love how he makes living thousands of miles away from family tolerable!

I love how he's always up for a good time!

I love how he turns up the heat in the morning so I don't freeze when I get out of bed.

I love how he spoils me, even when I don't think I like to be spoiled.

I love how he is so involved in our families lives.

I love how he brushes my hair and fixes my make up for me so even after surgery I could feel beautiful.

I love how he tells me I'm beautiful, and means it.

I love that he knows exactly what to do with me when I get frustrated, angry, grumpy, or whatever!

I love that he's always encouraging me to be myself!

I love that he knows all about random stuff because anytime I have a "hollywood" question, he knows the answer!

I love how even tho he HATES to take pictures, he still will.

I love that his heart is so huge that he will do anything for anyone.

I love that he's always giving me kisses.

I love that he gets excited with me over a new vacuum!

I love that he understands that sometimes I just feel down, and that all he needs to do is just be there. 

I love that he gets up even when he's tired to take care of miss Daisy!

I love that he gets so excited with me over the dumbest things... but he is excited because he knows that I am excited. 

I love that he knows he can't cook, but will be the first to run out and pick up dinner if I've just had one of those days!

I love that he is our providor and that he will do anything for me.
But most of all... I love that he's all mine forever and ever!!!

This is what love is to Andy and I... and this is what continues to make our marriage stronger...
our love never fails.

Happy anniversary love, you are my everything! I love you so much!!!
~ your sweetheart ~

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