Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday - Funday!

Gooooooooood Monday to you!

I feel so refreshed on this Monday, it's fantastic! Andy and I had a "pajama weekend"... it pretty much consisted of staying in pajamas throughout the majority of the weekend, consuming lots of TV/movies, being lazy and sleeping in! It was perfect, and just what we needed since we both were hit with the sick/allergy bug the last few weeks!

Friday night we went to dinner (at our favorite Mexican restaurant of course) with friends ... sorry, no pictures were taken, Saturday we stayed in pj's all day! It was so nice! Even Daisy was feeling super lazy!

She's sleeping on her daddy here. I mean, right smack dab on top of him.
She adores him.

I love how she gets curled up into a little fetal position to sleep!
You would never know she's as big as she is!

Saturday we cleaned house and then relaxed, and Sunday Andy and I went to see this movie...

It was SO good!! I suggest you go see it! :)

And then we had lunch at Quiznos and came home to relax some more...

This is us face timing with Andy's family

It was good to see our little nephews, we miss them so much!! Even Daisy was interested in it!

Hope you had a good weekend!
Happy Monday, let's get this week started off right!!

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