Wednesday, February 22, 2012

M.I.A. and cuddles!

I was MIA yesterday due to being sick... Andy was sick last week, and this week it's my turn.
Ugh, it's nasty.
Sinuses, ear aches, headaches, fever, chills... no bueno! I actually left work Monday and slept for about 16 hours, I woke up Tuesday feeling a little better but not by much. Today I feel somewhat better, I don't have the pressure in my sinuses and ears like I did... but still the congestion.
So... nothing exciting to blog about, I did take some pictures the last few days of our cute, cuddly horse of a dog... she has been SO snuggly with us... I think she knows we just don't feel well.
Laying with Daddy!

She walked behind me and squeezed her way in the middle of us and plopped down under the blanket, so we covered her up and we all watched TV and relaxed :)

"change the channel dad, this is boring!"

My 2 loves!!
P.S. how cute is my hubby with his smiling eyes in all these pictures! :)

Daisy watching me get ready this morning...

Notice she crosses her legs like a lady!

Happy Wednesday!! :)

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  1. Oh YUCK! Being sick is the worst :( I hope you get feeling completely better asap!