Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday folks!

Our Valentine's was great!  We both worked and then I came home and Andy told me to be ready in 5 minutes and that we were going somewhere. 

He took me to our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in Hinesville (actually in all of Georgia!), and then we went and say This Means War, with Reese Witherspoon... seriously, cutest movie ever!

They had a "pre-screening" last night, it really doesn't come out until Friday. Andy had been planning it all along and here I was thinking he wasn't going to do anything for me... I sure do love that man for putting up with my sour attitude!

Our moto, each and every day.
I want to print this out and frame it for our house.

"I think he's pretty sweet" ... get it?
Don't worry, there's no way we'll eat all that! Not enough points ;)

His card

Our sweet Valentine!

Daisy's gift to Andy :)
His gift from me was "coupons" for a foot massage, back massage, a "night off", king for a day... so I thought it would be cute if Daisy gave him a coupon too.

Me on the way to work, I was wearing my red valentine top! :)

Happy Wednesday!!!

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