Friday, February 24, 2012

Confessional Friday!

It's once again Confessional Friday  over at Blonde Ambition's blog... so link up and let's go!

{1.} Bruised hand.
 I smacked my dog so hard last night when disciplining her that I bruised my hand... she, however didn't feel a thing and continued to misbehave. We are going to do vinegar in the spray bottle method instead, I don't like spanking my dog and I don't like walking away with a bruised hand... so we will try tough love another way.

{2.} Missing some cuties.
I am missing some certain cuties... these boys light up my life and I wish we lived closer to them! :(

Jaron (left), Jacob (top), and Jayson (bottom) are my brother in law's kiddos and they are just too cute!

Jack is my brothers baby and he's a little ham!
JD & Jade, skype date soon??

{3. Shirt.
I'm wearing a shirt today that I've only worn once, and I've had it since June. Ridiculous? nah.

{4.} Weekend.
This weekend we have NOTHING planned and I'm SO excited about it!! We are going to have breakfast for dinner tonight and just relax! And tomorrow, just hang around the house and maybe go to the doggie park... who knows and who cares! :)

{5.} Husband.
I love my husband so much. That's not really a confession, but something I just love saying.
I. Love. My. Husband.

{6.} Cleaning.
I was a rebel and didn't clean the house on "clean the house Thursday"... why?? because I just didn't feel like it! :) And it was the most relaxing night ever! I loved it! on that note, I have to clean it this weekend.
{7.} Miss my family.
It's true, I miss them all the time... but this week I'd just like to give them each a hug. I love this life Andy and I have, but I wish we were a tad closer, just so I could see these wonderful people a little more often.

Do me a favor, go hug your family :)



  1. Who knew you could bruise your hand from spanking your dog? Crazy!

  2. I know! She didn't even cry, I sure did! haha! It taught me a lesson, that's for sure!