Monday, February 27, 2012

Calling all dog owners...

Meet Daisy.

Daisy is a 70 pound lap dog.
She is part Black Lab and part Great Dane.

If you are happy, she will be happy with you... if you are sad, she will lay by you until your tears are gone... if you are sleepy, she will sleep with you until you wake up...

If you need a hand to hold, she will reach out her paw to you... if you have a heart, she will be in it! She is by far the best dog I have ever had, and the most sweetest, gentle, loving dog around. 


No matter how much we try, Daisy likes to chew. 

This is the kennel that Daisy currently lives in, however... the door is gone.

You see, last week, Daisy felt like she needed to get out... escape if you will... so she started chewing. She chewed just a piece at first... but then the next day, she felt another need to escape so she chewed the rest of the piece... and now, there's no "gate".. it's wiiiiiide open...
 Job well done my little pup, job well done.

Except now... mommy and daddy are left with a doorless kennel for our sweet horse of a dog. We would leave her out, but she chewed her daddy's hat and shirt... and we just can't quite trust her yet.

We did buy her a Nylarbone yesterday, you know... those GREAT plastic ones that are pretty much impossible to tear through... so far so good. I did look in the little girl's mouth last night and saw her back teeth were bleeding... so I know for sure that she is still teething... you see... our little princess is not even a year!

So... my question to you...

How in the world will we survive teething stage???
She has everything under the sun to help her... trust me when I say the girl is spoiled!

I refuse to buy another $150.00 kennel just for her to chew right through! So for now, she gets a wood block and some cement bricks as a door!

We love our girl, but whew!

** And on a side note, Andy and I did each spank her last week and we both hurt our hands...WE DON'T BEAT OUR DOG PEOPLE, it was just a spank! We believe in tough love (whether it's on our dog, or even our future children), and I believe that if she's into something she's not suppose to be into.. I will smack her... hand or newspaper. However, we will use an object next time... the girl is pure muscle. **
(wanted to address that - I had something on my facebook about it).

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