Monday, February 20, 2012

Anniversary Weekend!

Our weekend was great, but went by WAY TOO FAST! It doesn't help that I caught Andy's cold which is turning into a sinus infection... my head feels like it weighs about 20 pounds and there is so much pressure in my forehead and nose and I feel like it's about to burst... but when I go to blow my nose, nothing comes out. ugh.

Anyways... onto our weekend! Saturday we woke up and I went to get Starbucks while Andy slept a little longer and then  I picked him up and we went to the Spa at Fort Stewart and got pedicures! It was so nice and relaxing and they did such a great job! That's one of the many things I appreciate about Andy, he's always up to go get a pedicure!! :) My friends tell me how their husbands wouldnt EVER go get one, and I don't get it! They are so nice and relaxing! It's not like the guys have to pick out a color and get their toenails painted! duh!

Then after our pampering Andy took me to get my hair done!
cute right?
The final project!
(sorry I look like I got hit by a train, I'm sick today and I just didn't feel like putting on all the make up!)

More of the color!

Then Saturday afternoon we just hung out, grocery shopped, played with Daisy, watched movies, it was very relaxing! Later that evening my brother and SIL came over and we hung out for a little bit and had some pizza.
Then on Sunday... our actual anniversary, we didn't move from the house! Well, Andy ran an errand real quick, but that was it! We layed around, had breakfast in bed, watched movies, took some cold medicine, layed on the couch... it was perfect!!!
Seeing that he's just getting over his sickness, and I feel like a tain hit me... it was the perfect way to spend the day.
We did enjoy the texts, face book notes, and calls and I thought I would share some of them...

The way he says things makes my heart flutter! :)

Thank you sweet friends and family for your nice words!! We appreciate each and every one of you!!

Andy is off today, so these 2 are probably looking alot like this right now... I am leaving work at 2 so I will be joining them! Assuming I make it til' 2!

Happy Monday!!


  1. SO sweet! Happy Anniversary :)
    And I love that you two get pedicures together!

  2. Happy one year!! Such a special celebration! xoxoxoxo