Friday, February 3, 2012

All the single ladies!

I was reading a few blogs about ladies who are just wanting love in their life... so let me share my story with you... I hope it helps!

My heart aches for the single ladies out there ... the ones who just want to have someone by their side, or someone to go to a movie with when they are bored, or someone to just love them when they get home (that is not covered in fur), or just text them throughout the day to say hi or I love you...

That was me 2 years ago... 2 years ago to this day I was so alone and it was fine... but I was alone. I went through a time in my life that I just wanted to have a husband... someone that I could call mine and he could call me his. I mean, let's face it... since I was 20 years old everyone and their dog was getting married, and by the time I was 24 they all had a few kids and working on some more... when was it going to be my turn?! Where was my soul mate? Did I have one out there? Or should I plan on becoming a nun? because that's what I felt like doing! And then I told God that if there was someone out there for me, then I would just trust Him and the man would come when I was ready. No joke, after Christmas 2009 (we had just gone home and all my cousins had their husbands there)... I prayed that prayer... and in walked this handsome man  about 3 months later.

 I didn't know he was "the one" I didn't think anything would last after our first date... so I told him not to call or text, it was just too weird... well, I couldn't stop thinking about that good looking man, so in May I texted him to see if we could hang out... We were inseparable after that. :)

Here's what I'm getting at... The person you are suppose to spend the rest of your life with won't come until you are ready for him to come... you might think you are, but God knows there's more work to be done to prepare you for marriage. I wouldn't trade my single days for nothing... I was able to shop when I wanted to, leave town at the spur of the moment without telling anyone, the toilet seat was always down, I could spend money on the most random things and I didn't have to care at all... but when it hit me that Andy was the one, I was gladly able to hang up my love of Coach purses to have him by my side. And the best part about it... he knows I love Coach, so he buys them for me now! :)

We had only dated for 3 weeks when Andy left for Basic training for the Army, but I knew even before he left that he was it. I didn't want him to leave and for me, to actually commit to someone, you know he had to be good!

So, we made the long distance thing work... (AND IT DOES WORK) I wrote him every day (about 76 letters total) and he wrote me every possible minute he had (at least 50 letters)... and then I flew across the country to watch him graduate BCT, saw him for a total of 12 hours (BEST 12 hours ever) and then he went to AIT and I went home. Trust me, it was miserable... but during AIT he was able to have a phone... so we talked all the time, texted all day long... and 2 months after AIT he came home for 30 days, asked me to be his wife and left again. We got engaged November 29th 2010, we were married February 19th 2011 and I drove out to Georgia and started my life as Mrs. Rodriguez.

Yes, our story is not like any other... we were together physically for 2 months of our 8 month relationship and then we were MARRIED! Is this for everyone? no. Did it build our communication? yes. Are we still learning things about each other? always, and I hope we always will.... but would I trade my life for anyones? nope.
I love my life. I love that I was single for 25 years, I love that I was engaged for 2 months, and most of all, I am deeply, madly, head over heels in love with my husband! He knows me inside and out. and loves me just the same.

Your man will come. Your man will come when you are ready, and when he is ready. You might be ready right now... but he might not be. And when you find each other, you both want to be ready.

I want kids... I don't necessarily want them right now... but just like my "finding my husband" story, I have to be ready... so our babies will come in the most perfect time. When God wants us to have them.

Look at how amazing he is with kids... he is the perfect man... at least for me!

I hope this helps... I wish I could tell each one of you that it will be ok, I was told that many times and I didn't believe them... but I promise, it will be ok.

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