Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend without pictures...

Our weekend was great! Saturday we met our friends and headed up to Jacksonville for the afternoon, they were buying a car and we went along for the fun of it! I was able to swing by Hobby Lobby while they were doing the paperwork.... it was quick, but I was thankful for that! :) I took some pictures of our house and put them on facebook, and they were taking forever to load so I'm not putting them on here yet... but when I do the "home tour" I'll make sure and show you!
After the dealership we went to Red Lobster for dinner, it was a long wait but totally worth it! It was so delicious!! I love their shrimp scampi! :)

Then Sunday I cleaned the house, did laundry and got caught up while Andy watched football. After I was done we had some friends over and watched the 49er game... what a sad loss for my hubby, but we are proud they made it as far as they did! I was hoping for the 29ers and the Ravens since 2 brothers are the head coaches!

I was not myself this weekend, I didn't take pictures! weird right?! I feel like a pain because Andy HATES to have his picture taken, so I've found myself not taking pictures like I used to.... :( maybe that's why most of our pictures are of Daisy? haha. I will try to be better! Maybe he will too.... ;)

I am not feeling Monday today, I am just pooped and slept so hard I didn't feel like I slept at all... do you ever have those nights?

Happy Monday anyway :)  

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