Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sleep deprived....

Obviously we've been a little sleep deprived in our neck of the woods.... because all we did this weekend was SLEEP! Saturday we ran an errand, went and watched the 49er game at a friends house (OMG BY THE WAY!) and then went home to bed... Sunday we slept all day... Andy did get up to go to the gym (good job honey!) and then we ate a little and slept some more... then Monday we did some laundry, cleaned up the house and slept some more! I am FINALLY feeling better tho! I think I just needed some good rest to kick this bug! I still have a little congestion, but nothing compared to what it was.

We are running some errands tonight, and I'm SO giddy because I'm getting a new vacuum and a shark steam mop tonight! When did I get to the age that I'm excited to get cleaning supplies?! It's the little things I tell ya! ;)

Anyways... I don't have many pictures because we didn't take any... but here are the few I did snap!

Daddy's girl through and through!

This melts my heart!!

She slept like that until we woke her up to go to her kennel! :)

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