Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was going to post pictures from our vacation.... but instead I'm going to blog about what we came home to... mainly because I need to get this out, and also because friends and family keep asking what happened.. so I figured I'd just sum it all up on here...

We were robbed.

I still can't even believe it myself... I don't care about the things that were taken, they are just things.... but the fact that someone would coming into OUR home, and disrespect US like that, well frankly that just blows my mind. People are jerks. end of story.

There were 2 irreplaceable things that were taken... my mom's wedding set with my dad... and my husbands class ring. Those 2 things were so sentimental, and the fact that they would just take it like it's no big deal pisses me off. If someone was REALLY hurting that bad for money, I will write you a check... don't take what is mine. just don't.

Anyways, we walked in the door Tuesday night/Wednesday morning around 1:00 am and didn't even make it in the doorway before we saw our mess of a home... and heard the robbers run off from the back door.  We got Daisy out of her kennel and waited outside for the cops to come... they went in, inspected the place and then allowed us to come in and see what had happened. I honestly don't know what I felt, I still don't really know how to grasp it... mainly I feel violated. And I knew we had to get the heck out of there. and fast. We left the apartment and went to our friends house and tossed and turned all night... I think it was almost 4:00 am by the time we fell asleep.

Wednesday morning we got up around 9:30 and went all over town and on post to try and figure out what to do... anyways, to make a long story short... we went to housing on post and are getting keys to our new apartment today! We will be living on post. When we first got here, it's not what we wanted... and we experienced the life of living off post, and to be honest, in this town... we will feel safer on post. So it's what we need for now.

Did I mention, in the little town we live in that the cops told us within the last few weeks 3-4 houses were burglarized each day?? That's too many,and ridiculous if you ask me!

So... hopefully by this weekend I will be feeling somewhat organized and will be able to feel safe and comfortable in our own home.

I think this covers everything... if I missed out on something email me and I'll add to it :)

Here are some pictures...

I think they were looking for money under our mattress... sorry guys, no money here!

All of Andy's clothes on the floor... :(

My wedding dress :(

Our hutch.

Where our 55 inch flat screen and blue ray player WAS... They dumped out our DVD cabinet.

We had a 37 inch flat screen and a dvd player on top of the dresser...
They dumped all our dresser drawers out, and my jewelery armourer.

Please say a prayer for us... still a little shook up, especially our dog. I know it sounds silly, but say a prayer she adjusts to the new house and can feel at home. Poor girl watched it all :(


  1. Randi, I'm am so sad for you guys! I can't even imagine! What a horrible feeling of violation! Hang in there!

  2. Will be praying for ya'll, Randy! I am SO sorry that this happened. I hope those fools get theirs soon! ((((Hugs))))